Face Off: "Mad Science"

by Eleni 13. March 2014 17:33

To get contestants in the mood for this week's medical-horror challenge, the lab was transformed into a torture chamber. As if it weren't already a place where souls are crushed, bodies are maimed (George throwing out his back this episode counts as torture, right?), and disgusting things happen.

Spotlight Challenge

The artists are now mad scientists, and must create their own deformed guinea pigs. To get them inspired, they had to choose from a selection of Dead Ringers-style medical devices and make the patient on whom their particular instrument was used. Here's what their twisted brains came up with:

Chloe – her black-and-white Frankenstein had one leg sawed off

Graham – chose the electroshock machine, making an electronically reanimated corpse

Rashaad – not a horror fan, he's stumped by what to do with his trephine 

Tyler – his conjoined twins are in the process of being embalmed

Niko – making a pregnant woman whose stomach was drilled open

Daran – using a "pneumatic bone auger" (whatever that is) to make a three-faced person

Corinne – picked leeches, going to put leeches all over a guy 

George – what else can you do with a "ribcage opener" than make a dude with his ribcage split open? 

Who was safe

Even though Ve thought Niko's natal nightmare was in poor taste (hasn't she seen À l'intérieur?), he got a passing grade. So did Tyler and injured George. 

Who nailed it

Neville said Chloe's early-cinema Frankenstein was one of her finest makeups so far, and Glenn thought the concept was brilliant. Ve agreed, though she had some specific tips for painting in black-and-white (namely: use some brown in your palette too). Daran's bi-gendered, three-faced monster was this week's top look, however. "This character feels alive," said Neville. And judging by the look on Chloe's face when they announced Daran as the winner, she felt pissed.

Who blew it

After wasting several hours hemming and hawing over a concept, Rashaad's botched plastic surgery patient didn't quite stitch together. The judges were especially hard on the character's stray jaw, which was basically just a row of teeth pasted to one cheek. Still, Rashaad didn't screw up as badly as Corinne, whose "man with leaches stuck to him" was decently executed but aggressively dull. Glenn called her final presentation a "virtual black hole of original thought," while Neville said she was "palpably uninspired." Corinne even admitted she didn't put enough effort into the challenge! And that there proves it was time for her to say goodbye. 

Thoughts going into next week

Two things. First, with Corinne gone, Chloe is the only woman left in the competition. And while it's disappointing to see the male-female ratios so off kilter, I'm confident she can make it to the final. 

Also: I've always been curious why we don't see more of Michael Westmore. Every episode, he zips through the lab giving drive-by advice—but he's no Tim Gunn-style mentor. He should judge an episode or something! Or lead a Foundation Challenge! Or at least say more! Or help more! Michael Westmore, who are you

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