Back to the Future retold on Twitter

by Jon 31. October 2013 13:19
We’re still 14 months away from 2015, the year depicted in Back to the Future Part II, but it seems unlikely that many of that film’s predictions will come true on time. Hoverboards and flying cars are many years off and the long-dormant Jaws franchise is still 15 entries shy of Jaws 19, the film playing in BTTF2’s futuristic movie theatre. But even more conspicuous than the film’s false prophecies are its many oversights. For one, co-writers Bob Gale and Robert Zemeckis failed to anticipate the internet or its many innovations. Foremost among these is Twitter, the social networking service now playing host to an unlikely revival of the first Back to the Future film.

To celebrate the 28th anniversary of the events depicted in the film, Gavin Fox, Martin Rose, and Tom Hartshorn created The Hill Valley Project, a Twitter list that just finished telling the story of Back to the Future beat-by-beat, using Twitter accounts attributed to the film’s characters and even props. (Follow The DeLorean DMC-12 @_TheDeLorean.) As Gizmodo points out, Twitter has played host to similar storytelling experiments in the past, including retellings of World War II and Home Alone. In fact, the latter was created by the team behind The Hill Valley Project.

This turns out to be a fascinating way to re-experience Back to the Future - individual accounts are especially intriguing, offering convenient overviews of each character’s contribution to the film - that is only undermined by the tediously slow process of loading old tweets. However, any fan who takes the time to go… back in time will find a surprisingly vivid and coherent telling of the film’s story - and a goldmine of retweet opportunities.

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