Clone catch-up: 5 important things we know about Rachel

by Eleni 18. April 2014 09:21

To help ensure that you’re fully caught up on all things Orphan Black before Saturday’s season two premiere at 9e 6p, this week we’re taking a daily look at one of the show’s five main clones: Sarah, Cosima, Alison, Helena, and Rachel.

Without further ado, here are five crucial things we know about Rachel:



1. She's a proclone

Rachel was raised by Neolutionists. And as a result, she's in full support of the DYAD Institute and their shady, no-good practices. Helena calls all the clones "sheep," but Rachel is the only one who can't think for herself.

2. She's fancy

If you thought Beth had nice clothes, wait till you see Rachel. She's a businesslady from the future: silvery power suits, slick haircuts, little regard for human rights. Rachel likes to stand aggressively in front of windows in dimly lit, sparsely decorated high-rise offices, and wear pointy heels while doing it.

3. She's powerful

While it's not exactly clear what Rachel's powers are, she definitely seems to wield a lot of influence over the clones' fates. We spent most of season one hating on Dr. Leekie, but it turns out Rachel actually runs the show. Or at least, she runs the show more than he does. Plus, she's got Daniel, her stern-faced bodyguard/assistant/suit/bully, to help her out.

4. She's a liar

In the Orphan Black season one finale, Rachel tries to coerce Sarah, Alison, and Cosima to sign contracts with the Dyad Institute. Alison would be guaranteed protection for her children, and would no longer be monitored. Sarah would be assured Kira's safety. And Cosima would get a chance to work at Dyad (for tons of dough), studying the clones' biology. It all sounds like a reasonable deal, but there's one problem: Rachel is full of shit. As Cosima and Delphine discover, the Dyad patented the clones' DNA, meaning the company can do whatever the hell they want with its subjects. They're not autonomous humans—they're property.

5. She's mysterious

So we know that Rachel was brought up in Neolutionism, but we don't know much else about her. What, exactly, is her role at the Dyad? What's the personality beneath the icy-CEO veneer? Does she have a tail, a la Olivier? Season two will likely answer some of these questions.

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Next week on InnerSpace

by Shelby 18. April 2014 09:00

Next week on InnerSpace, we’re off to Anaheim WonderCon, Ajay gets locked away, and Jordan Gavaris is joining us in studio.

Any ’90s kid worth their Pogs knows TMNT was one of the best reasons to get up on Saturday morning. Whether it was the turtle-tastic cartoon, the live-action movie, or the video game (still have nightmares about the electric seaweed), the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles inspires a huge fan following. Monday we’re celebrating our favourite pizza loving reptiles by taking a look at their best moments. Cowabunga!

Killer band We Are Scientists are dropping by the InnerSpace studio on Tuesday to talk about their music and awesome videos. If you haven’t seen their cover of "Take My Breath Away" using action figures to re-enact Top Gun, then you haven’t fully lived.

Are you excited for the return of Orphan Black? We are! To celebrate season two, we’ve got Jordan Gavaris in studio Wednesday to talk about what we can expect from Felix in the new season. I don’t know about you, but I’m hoping for more Felix and Alison.

Convention season is here! Thursday we’ll have all the highlights from WonderCon: everything from Dawn of the Planet of the Apes to Days of Future Past and of course the world premiere of Son of Batman. We’ll also be taking a look into some of the best things coming to the Toronto screen at Hot Docs. And don’t forget to come out and visit us if you’re going to Calgary Expo next week! Holy conventions, Batman!

We’re locking Ajay in a room on Friday. The only difference from the other times we’ve done it is this time we actually want him to escape. You might be familiar with the point and click Escape the Room genre of games, but Toronto has its own real life version. Will Ajay and his friends be able to figure out the clues and escape?

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Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge recap: "Heads Up!"

by Eleni 17. April 2014 17:00

Something very special—and out-of-nowhere—happened on this week's episode of Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge: Donald Faizon pretended to be a wizard. While wearing a full Gandalf beard.

Four episodes in, some frontrunners are starting to emerge. Meanwhile, some people don't even know how to make basic structural elements. 

Creature Brief

Assignment: Create and build a fantasy creature that has been slain and is now mounted on a wizard's wall. (FYI: the wizard is Donald Faizon.) The creature comes back to life to explain how it died and how it feels.

Specifics: Must use hand puppetry and at least one element of mechanization.

Teams: None! This is the first solo challenge.

What they decided to make

Jake: A troll

Ben: An old man/tree

Ivonne: "A predator"—not exactly specific

Russ: A Minotaur

Robert: A hippie camel

Lex: A "chupacabra hellcat thing"

Melissa: The Loch Ness Monster's cousin

Who did decent

Russ and Lex made it to the safe zone.

Who nailed it

Three contestants were deemed standouts. Even though Jake's eyes didn't work and his horns were too bouncy, the judges appreciated his troll's big sloppy mouth and goofy character. Robert's hippie camel party-planner also got a lot of positive feedback: Brian said he exhibited topnotch sculpting, finishing and accessorizing. If there was one critique, it was that the camel's eyes should have been droopier, to indicate that he's a stoner.  

Which means Ben won for the second week in a row. The judges said his asymmetrical tree man "came alive" in front of the camera. Ben's the guy to beat! 

Who blew it

Melissa and Ivonne both struggled this week. Melissa's problem: not knowing what the heck she was doing. (Seriously, has she never made eyes?) She needed a lot of help from the other contestants, and then slapped on a paint job in the final 45 minutes. But somehow, she still edged out Ivonne—a seasoned professional creature maker. After sculpting her head too small to fit her eye mechanism, Ivonne had to completely reimagine her design on day two. And in the end, she presented an incomplete work. Which could have been okay, if the judges were more on board with her backstory—but they weren't. So long, Ivonne.  

Likes & Hates

Likes: Ben and Robert's rivalry; Donald Faizon being weird

Hated: How many people were very disorganized!


Watch the whole episode right here!


Clone catch-up: 5 important things we know about Helena

by Eleni 17. April 2014 16:16

To help ensure that you’re fully caught up on all things Orphan Black before Saturday’s season two premiere at 9e 6p, this week we’re taking a daily look at one of the show’s five main clones: Sarah, Cosima, Alison, Helena, and Rachel.

Without further ado, here are five crucial things we know about Helena:



1. She was lost

Doctor Leekie described Helena as his "white whale." Raised in a convent in Ukraine, she spent most of her life unmonitored by the Neolutionists, who had no idea where she was located. According to Leekie, he's been trying to track down Helena's whereabouts for years.

2. She's pious

Helena is a member of the Proletheans, a group of religious extremists who want to take down the clones. She was initially found by Tomas and Maggie Chen—the latter of whom was killed by Beth—who told her about the other clones. They also told her that she was the original, and that her lookalikes were just fake copies.

3. She's a killer

It was Helena who hunted and killed three other clones from Europe: Janika Zingler, Aryanna Giordano, and Danielle Fournier. And once she got to North America, she put a bullet in Katja Obinger's head, as well. Helena is a trained sniper who's equally vicious at close proximity—in the season one finale, she stabs her birth mother in the stomach. But while she had several chances to kill Sarah, she could never go through with it because she felt they had a connection.

4. She's Sarah's twin

So what, exactly, is the scoop on Helena and Sarah's "connection"? As we learn at the end of season one, they are twins. Amelia, their surrogate birth mother, delivered them both in secret about thirty years ago. Amelia was supposed to be having the babies on behalf of a couple, but after learning they were actually Neolutionist scientists, she fled. Once the children were born, Amelia gave Sarah to the state and Helena to the church.

5. She's dead

Helena may not have been able to kill Sarah, but that didn't stop Sarah from pulling the trigger on Helena. After watching Kira get hit by a car and Amelia bleed to death, Sarah decided enough's enough. Helena had to go.

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We interviewed Orphan Black's Dylan Bruce

by Neil 17. April 2014 15:12

Just yesterday, we were very lucky to meet up with Dylan Bruce (aka Orphan Black’s stoic stud, Paul) to discuss his role in the series as well as his thoughts going into the hotly anticipated second season—which you obviously know airs this Saturday at 9e 6p.

One of the topics we discussed with the cheery actor (who’s nothing like the brooding badass he portrays on the show) was Paul’s evolution in the upcoming season, and how he’ll try to maintain his rocky relationship with archenemy clones Rachel and Sarah.

Better still, Bruce was able to answer some of your questions, submitted via Twitter. In the spirit of not disclosing too much information, we’ll shut up now so you can watch the clip below. And in case you have no idea who any of these people are (for shame!), the entire first season is currently streaming right here!



Clone Catch-up: 5 important things we know about Alison

by Eleni 16. April 2014 16:22

To help ensure that you’re fully caught up on all things Orphan Black before Saturday’s season two premiere at 9e 6p, this week we’re taking a daily look at one of the show’s five main clones: Sarah, Cosima, Alison, Helena, and Rachel.

Without further ado, here are five crucial things we know about Alison Hendrix.



1. She married her high school sweetheart

Donnie and Alison have been together since high school. They have two adopted children, Gemma and Oscar, and a Benjamin-Moore-to-the-max home in the suburbs. But just because they've been a longtime couple, doesn't mean they're a perfect couple. Alison's betrayal: taking advantage of her best friend's husband outside the local skating arena. Donnie's deceit: being Alison's monitor.

2. She's violent

Pepper spray is one of the gentler weapons Alison wields during Orphan Black's first season. She also finds a unique alternative use for her glue gun—i.e. burning Donnie's chest—and accidentally-on-purpose murders her bestie. Oops.

3. She likes to party

Okay, so she's not sticking in a pair of coloured contacts and heading to Neolution every Friday, but Alison nonetheless keeps herself sane with a steady diet of white wine and prescription pills. She's the day-drunk queen of Scarborough!

4. She digs Lycra

We've never actually seen Alison do yoga, but she loves her them Lululemons. Moms on the go will not be constricted by denim.

5. She's a thespian

As Alison tells Felix in an early episode of season one, she recently played "the Daryl Hannah part" in a community theatre production of Steel Magnolias. And she successfully convinces Mrs. S that she's Sarah during a visit to Kira. So while she may not have imitated quite as many clones as Sarah, she could probably pull off a half-decent Cosima.

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Face Off: "Cry Wolf"

by Eleni 16. April 2014 14:32

This week marked the conclusion of Face Off's first-ever two-part challenge. At the end of last episode, things looked bleak for Niko and Tyler—both of their vampire designs failed to make the judges freak out. But right before one of them got dusted, McKenzie revealed a twist: they were only halfway through the challenge, and no one was going home until more monsters were made.

Spotlight Challenge
The vampires are molded, painted and judged. Next up: the artists have to create werewolves rivals for their blood-drinkers. These werewolves have to look like they belong in the same world as the vampires, and must incorporate a newly evolved feature specifically designed to take their enemies down.

Here's how the contestants approached this latest task:

George – His werewolf will actually be an evolved version of the vampire he made last week, with a blade-like bone coming out of its index finger
Niko – His werewolf has spikes that turn into stakes to protect him from his vampire's long tongue
Tyler – Opting for a more classic canine design
Rashad – Making an Asian-themed werewolf to match his Chinese vampire

Who nailed it
No one blew it this week! The judges had warm-and-fuzzy things to say about each of their designs.

Glenn loved that Tyler's more classic jeans-and-Tshirt werewolf reminded him of several traditional designs. Ve agreed, complimenting his "beautiful" paintjob and "superb" hair work. And while none of them liked Tyler's vampire from last week, Neville said: "It's really nice to see that you've enhanced this world that you've established."

Several of the judges commented on the originality of Niko's spiky bluish design, and Glenn said it had a "captivating profile." Still, it suffered from the same problem as most of Niko's final looks: poor finishing.

And after winning last week's challenge, Rashaad was only okay this time around. Glenn said the overall look just didn't sell, while Ve was confused about the golden scale things on the side of his face. Personally, I think it looked like a chorus member from Cats.

Which means George was this week's overall winner. Neville called his vampwolf elegant and a bit batlike, and loved the colour palette. "He's showing off some expert-level skills," added Glenn.

Who went home
Niko. No surprises there. He clung on for a long time, but the other three have been much more consistent throughout the season.

Thoughts going into the finale
While it's disappointing that not one female made it to the finale, this is still a solid crew. I'm on team Tyler—he's done beautiful work all season, and has the most hyper attitude. In a good way.

Click here to watch the whole episode.


Clone Catch-up: 5 important things we know about Cosima

by Eleni 15. April 2014 14:18

To help ensure that you’re fully caught up on all things Orphan Black before Saturday’s season two premiere at 9e 6p, this week we’re taking a daily look at one of the show’s five main clones: Sarah, Cosima, Alison, Helena, and Rachel.

Without further ado, here are five crucial things we know about Cosima.



1. She's brainy

Cosima is doing a PhD in "evo-devo," i.e. evolutionary development. Meaning she spends a lot of time in a lab coat staring at tiny things through a microscope. She's the one trying to learn more about the clones' biology, and she's the one, at the end of the first season, who discovers that the clones' DNA has been patented. That said, her advice isn't always spot-on. After Sarah was put through a series of against-her-will medical tests, Cosima told her that the Neolutionists wouldn't be able to tell she wasn't Beth. But Cosima was wrong.

2. She's sick

We don't know much about Katja Obinger, one of the clones killed off in the Orphan Black pilot, except that she was German and she suffered from a rare respiratory illness. During her brief encounter with Sarah, Katja coughed blood into a tissue before getting shot in the head. And in the season one finale, Cosima seems to develop similar symptoms. After getting off the bus in Toronto, she hacks up a red loogie into her palm.

3. She's not afraid to follow her heart—or libido

Although Cosima is a committed scientist, she doesn't always pick the most rational route. Even though she had a hunch that Delphine was her monitor, Cosima still decided to pursue her crush. In the end, it worked in her favour: although Delphine initially let her down by giving sensitive information to Leekie, she later followed Cosima to Toronto, saying she'd fallen for her. True love conquers science.

4. She's American

Cosima goes to school in Minnesota. Wherever that is.

5. She's chill

While Sarah gets aggro, Alison gets spazzy, Helena gets violent, and Rachel gets business, Cosima stays pretty much even keel. (Except when she kicks Delphine out of her apartment, but who could blame her for that?) While the other clones are angry or disturbed by their situation, Cosima seems to think being a clone is pretty cool—scientifically speaking, at least. She might even start working for Leekie.

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Take the Orphan Black season 1 quiz

by 15. April 2014 09:00

If you're not caught up on Orphan Black season one, go stream every episode right here right now! If you are caught up, answer the dozen questions below to test your knowledge of the show so far. Think of it as a brush-up before the season two premiere, which is coming up on Saturday, April 19 at 9e 6p.






Clone Catch-up: 5 important things we know about Sarah

by Eleni 14. April 2014 18:30

To help ensure that you’re fully caught up on all things Orphan Black before Saturday’s season two premiere at 9e 6p, this week we’re taking a daily look at one of the show’s five main clones: Sarah, Cosima, Alison, Helena, and Rachel.

Without further ado, here are five crucial things we know about Sarah Manning.



1. She's badass

Sarah is the British punk grifter clone. She wears black eyeliner and The Clash t-shirts, and has a not-too-serious (but not not serious) criminal record for petty fraud and assault. We don't know too much about her year away from Toronto before the beginning of the show, except that she was on the wrong side of the tracks, the law, or anything wholesome.

2. She comes from “the black”

When Sarah was about eight years old, a man named Carlton supposedly brought her through his pipeline to Mrs. S, who became her legal guardian. Sarah was apparently a child "in the black," meaning she was undocumented. Mrs. S claims to know little about Sarah's early years, except that she was rumoured to be among a group of orphans used for medical testing. At the end of season one, Sarah meets her birth mother, Amelia, a South African woman who had served as a surrogate to two scientists posing as a couple. When Amelia realized the couple were Neolutionists, she ran, and gave her twin babies away—one to the state and one to the church. Sarah was the one given to the state.

3. She’s a twin

Helena was the child Amelia gave to the church—making Helena and Sarah technically twins. They both claim to feel a special connection, although they also don't seem to like each other very much.

4. She’s got acting chops

After witnessing Beth (the cop clone) jump in front of a train at the beginning of the first episode, Sarah swipes both her bag and her life. She moves into Beth's stylish condo, practices a Canadian accent, and gets very friendly (read: naked) with Paul, Beth's buff boyfriend. But while imitating Beth may be Sarah's first and longest con, she later impersonates both Katja and Alison. Sarah is almost as good an actor as Tatiana Maslany!

5. She’s a mom

Sarah had one driving motivation for returning to Toronto at the beginning of the series: to reunite with Kira, her daughter. And while we still have no clue as to the identity of Kira's father, we do know that Sarah is the only clone, so far, to have given birth to her own biological child. Which means both she and Kira are very valuable to the Neolutionists.

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