10 mouth-watering Midnight Madness movie posters

by Neil 2. September 2014 16:53

Boy oh boy, TIFF is less than 48 hours away and you know what that means: Midnight Madness is less than 60 hours away! Every year, countless (well, enough to fill the Ryerson Theatre) faithful fans head out at the witching hour to see the latest and greatest genre flicks, programmed by very cool programmer Colin Geddes.

If you’re planning on hitting any of these films up, but don’t know what to choose, perhaps some incredible-looking posters might help put you on the right track. Based on the bitchin’ artwork below, we suggest going to all 10. Don’t think, just go to every midnight screenings and sleep later! And don't forget to check back here for plenty more Midnight Madness coverage.

Tokyo Tribe – Thursday Sept 4

Big Game – Friday Sept 5

Tusk – Saturday Sept 6

It Follows – Sunday Sept 7

Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Films – Monday Sept 8

[REC]4 Apocalypse – Tuesday Sept 9

Cub – Wednesday Sept 10

The Editor – Thursday Sept 11

What We Do in the Shadows – Friday Sept 12

The Guest – Saturday Sept 13

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Intruders: "And Here…You Must Listen"

by Eleni 2. September 2014 16:15

By the end of last week's Intruders series premiere, Shepherd had killed three innocent people, Jack's wife had disappeared, and Madison—a nine-year-old girl possessed by a tough-guy named Marcus—killed her own cat then wandered into the night. This week, things only got weirder.

As Madison's mom Allison frantically searches for her daughter, Madison—or is it Marcus?—stands in a train station. Judging by the confused look on her face, she's back to Madison—but she's having flashbacks to her time as Marcus. Disembarking a bus in Portland. Visiting an Asian woman who says "welcome back." In the present moment, in her pocket, Madison finds a book with the number 9 printed on it's front. Inside, there's a train ticket to Seattle, an envelope filled with cash, and keys to… somewhere. And there's an inscription: "In the beginning, there was death."

In Seattle, Jack is still trying to find Amy. He drops by the office where she works, but Amy isn't there. Instead, he's greeted by a suit named Todd Crane—who doesn't seem friendly. Todd explains that Amy wasn't in Seattle that week—at least, not at his office. But he offers to take the phone in case she drops by.

Then things get tense: Todd asks if there's anything he should know about Amy. Jack asks—in a very pointed way—if there's anything he should know about Amy. Is Todd the Unknown from Amy's phone? We don’t know. In any case, Jack sees himself out. And as he waits for the elevator, two men make sure he gets on.

The next morning, Jack wakes up with Amy tossing by his side in their bed. When Jack explains that she was having a bad dream, Amy starts speaking another, Russian-sounding language. Then she gets out of bed and opens the curtains. Jack, still thinking she's sleepwalking, tries to shake her awake. Amy seems to snap out of it, and Jack asks if she's all right. "Yes," she whispers, "Amy's all right. Because in the beginning there was death."

At that moment, their clock radio flips from 8:59 to 9:00.

Jack suddenly wakes up in his car. Was that a dream? A memory? There's a voicemail on his phone: it's his Brud Zimmerman, asking when he's bringing the car back. Then Amy's phone rings—the Zimmermans. Jack doesn't pick up, but instead starts flipping through her pictures. Is that the Asian woman Madison/Marcus went to see?

While the police question Allison, Madison's father comes rushing through the door. The cop tells him to wait outside, but Allison says no. She may hate her ex, but in that moment she jumps up and hugs him.

In El Cajon, California, a man named Tim Truth is covering for Oz Turner on his podcast. Officials have rules Oz's death a suicide, but Tim knows better. Clearly it's not a coincidence that Oz turned up dead after talking about the murder of Bill Anderson's wife and son—and after revealing the name of a secret society called Qui Reverti. "If you're out there right now listening, Mr. Anderson," Tim says, "We are all here to make sure you evade capture."

At Madison's house, Shepherd knocks on the door—never good news. He says he's with the FBI, and he's going to bring Madison back from whence she came—"happily ever after," he adds. So her parents let him inside. At first, Shepherd asks normal questions: when was the last time they saw Madison, stuff like that. Then the interrogation gets scary.

Shepherd asks if Madison displayed any strange behaviour, and her mother says she would moan. Then he asks if she ever spoke in a foreign language, or said that she had to go to Portland to visit a Mrs. Ng in Chinatown, or said anything about what goes around comes around. Allison, horrified, asks to see some ID. So Shepherd drops the bomb that Allison has been sleeping with a man named Nick Olson.

Jack finally gets a call from Amy's number. Except it's not Amy. Someone using a voice modulator issues a threat: "Go home," they say, "Even if you find Amy, she's gone." And on a bridge overlooking where Jack has parked his car, a man watches him.

With Madison's parents outside fighting, Shepherd starts poking around the little girl's room. He sees the sand dollar on top of her bedside table, smashed. Then he finds her journal, but it's blank—though one page has been ripped out. He takes a stick of charcoal (cause he's the type of dude who carries charcoal on him??) and rubs over the imprint on the following page. The revealed text: "What goes around comes around."

In Seattle, Jack asks random cabbies if they know George, the driver who found Amy's phone. He causes enough of a ruckus that the dispatcher calls George, and tells him where he can find Jack.

At a nearby bar, Jack ignores another call from the Zimmermans when George walks in. Jack tells him that Amy is missing—George is the last person who saw her. And here's a weird coincidence: George's wife also walked off the year before. They share a beer, and George starts to talk. He says Amy creeped him out: he overheard her on the phone, saying she lived in Russia. Not only that, but she said she was with the Tsar's secret police, and had assassinated a labour strike leader in 1883.

In line for her train, Madison starts flipping through the book she found in her pocket. As she reads the words, she experiences quick flashbacks: there's some kind of fight, and Shepherd pulling out a gun. The book says something about how death is not a punishment, and how "only Qui Reverti can understand." Whatever that means.

Then Madison reaches the front of the line—but the ticket-taker won't let her onto the train! Minors must be accompanied by an adult. Madison's pupils enlarge. "You're not sorry, but you will be," Madison/Marcus says, "What goes around, comes around."

Marcus really likes that line, eh?

Shepherd busts into Mrs. Ng's building. She's not intimidated, but rather asks Shepherd what he's done—they've never had a nine year old before. She knows it's Marcus, but says "no book was made for Marcus Fox." Which means "he won't understand it." (And at this point, we don't understand it.) Shepherd asks where Marcus went, but Mrs. Ng just says, "They'll kill us for what you've done!" So Shepherd kills her¬—and her son—before she can tell them. Whoever "them" is.

George drives Jack to the location where he dropped Amy off—it's near her office. Then George drops a bomb: Amy had a guy with her. Jack asks if it's the dude in a photo on Amy's phone, but the photo is too blurry to tell. As they drive on, Jack notices a building a couple blocks away: it's the same one from a different photo.

Meanwhile, at the train station, Madison/Marcus tries to bribe a man into posing as her dad, but he says no. Then she notices that Shepherd has arrived onsite, so she bolts.

Shepherd chases her onto the street, where Madison tests the handles on every car door she passes. When she finds an unlocked SUV, she opens the trunk—but doesn't actually get in. Instead, she hides under a nearby sedan, where Shepherd doesn't think to look.

That drama done, Madison approaches a woman packing the trunk of her Jeep. "I need to get to Seattle," the kid says, and holds up several hundred dollars.

After staking out the condo building, Jack sees Todd Crane drive into the garage. He pulls up Todd's face on Google images, and asks George if he's the guy from the cab. But before George can answer, two men come out of the shadows and start beating them up. Jack is a surprisingly good fighter, and handily takes both guys down. One of them pulls out a gun, but the other says no. Or rather, he says, "She said no."

The men stumble off, and George gets the hell out of there too. ("I'm done," he says.) Left alone, Jack is irritated when his phone rings—Brud again. He answers, and explains that the car is fine, but Amy's not. She went missing in Seattle. Then the call is intercepted. It's Amy! She says she's at home. Like she said she would be.

Jack is confused. And up on a balcony in the building, Todd watches him.

As for Madison, she's doing some light reading her way to Seattle. "We do die, but we can return," her book says, "Welcome back, Reverti."

Lingering questions of the week
Who was Mrs. Ng? What's her relevance to the story?
What is Qui Reverti? What the heck is that all about?
Is Amy having an affair with Todd Crane? Or is it something worse?
What was Bill Anderson doing with his frequencies?
Why does Marcus Fox hate Shepherd so much?

Watch the whole episode here!


Doctor Who: "Into the Dalek"

by Eleni 2. September 2014 13:22

Doctor Who meets Honey, I Shrunk the Kids this week, when Peter Capaldi zaps himself crumb-sized and literally journeys inside a Dalek. Clara gets tiny too, along with a few soldiers from a fighter ship called the Aristotle. The reason for their endoscopic adventure is medical: the Dalek, which has been captured on board the Aristotle, isn't acting like a normal Dalek. It's saying weird things, like "Daleks must be destroyed." Could it be possible that this is a good Dalek? Or is it just sick?

Turns out it's both. After sealing a crack in the Dalek's power centre—which stops radiation from leaking into its system—the Dalek charges into full EXTERMINATE mode. So its goodness was just radiation poisoning. Or was it? As Clara points out, the incident also reveals the Dalek's capacity for goodness. If they can just introduce some new ideas into its consciousness, they could reprogram Rusty (that's his nickname) to be good.

This good vs. bad question mirrors the Doctor's own internal debate this week. Before taking Clara to the Aristotle, he sits her down and asks her a serious question: "Am I a good man?" She says she doesn't know. (Though she later says that he's trying, which is the most important thing.) This sense of uncertainty appears to be an important feature of Capaldi's new Doctor, who was fully himself for the first time this week. His Doctor feels a little more unstable than previous incarnations. The way he talks in an almost-whisper makes him appear at once scared and menacing—and his black coat looks like serious business. It's interesting to watch a character that we know so much about—and yet know very little about.

And while Clara gets into the groove with her new-faced friend—she and the Doctor are definitely starting to bicker—she also encounters a potential love interest. (And a potential co-companion for space/time travel.) Danny Pink is a former soldier, and a new teacher at Clara's school. And though he's really hot, he's also really awkward. But Clara doesn't mind that he totally botched their first conversation: she asks him for a drink moments later. We only got a quick intro to Danny this week—still haven't tested his mettle in the TARDIS—but he seems pretty cute. Maybe they can grab that drink in another galaxy!

Also, the mystery of Missy continues. After sacrificing herself to the Dalek, a soldier named Gretchen wakes up in Missy's Alice in Wonderland-ish lair. "Welcome to Heaven," Missy says. We don't yet know what this place is, but we doubt that's it.

Click here to watch the whole ep!


The single greatest cosplayer at Fan Expo

by Neil 1. September 2014 18:02

This guy, without a doubt, had the raddest, most inspired DIY costume at this years' Fan Expo. And not only because we love Sharknado 2 (which you can still watch online!), but because… just look at his head! Amazing! One million hats offs and thumbs ups to you, sir, whoever you are—this work of art belongs in a freakin’ museum. This man better at least be strutting his stuff down some fashion runway right now. I’m like not even kidding, people!

Check out more cosplay at Fan Expo here.

And here, too!

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Doctors galore at Fan Expo

by Neil 1. September 2014 13:36

Is there a Doctor in the house? Why yes, in fact there were many, many Doctors throughout the weekend at Fan Expo. With season eight in full swing, you can say that Doctor Who was one of the biggest attractions at the con. From merch, to props, to cosplay, it was quite a thrill (less of a surprise—Doctor Who is HUGE!) to see such a massive presence. Here’s just a small sample of the Doctors we met thoughout the weekend. Let us know how they rank!

Check out our photo roundup of other Doctor Who sights at Fan Expo!


The coolest cosplay at Fan Expo

by Neil 31. August 2014 20:00

One of the biggest draws for any con is seeing and engaging in heavy-duty cosplay—and Fan Expo is no exception. From movies, to TV, to gaming, to comics (three cheers for Transmetropolitan guy!), pretty much every form of geek culture was proudly represented over the weekend.

Here’s a photographic rundown of some of our favourite cosplayers. Tell us your top picks (three cheers for sleeping military guy!) in the comments below, and also feel free to point out who half of these characters are!

MORE Fan Expo coverage here!


What we learned about Bitten season 2 at Fan Expo

by Eleni 31. August 2014 17:38

Production is currently underway on Bitten season two, but the stars took a break from biting and fighting to visit Fan Expo. Returning pack members Laura Vandervoort, Greyston Holt, Greg Bryk, Steve Lund and Michael Xavier were all present for this morning's Bitten panel hosted by InnerSpace’s Teddy and Ajay, as well as newly cast witches Tammy Isbell and Tommie-Amber Pirie. Here's what they had to say about the upcoming season.

1. It will be hectic—and hot

According to Greg Bryk—who plays Pack Alpha Jeremy Danvers—the next season will open up a whole new world of mayhem for the wolves. "It's dangerous, and it's still very sexy," he said.

2. Elena is no longer torn about being a werewolf

At the beginning of last season, Elena was doing everything she could to suppress her werewolf side: she moved away from Stonehaven, she cut off ties with the Pack, and she started dating a straight-laced hunk who wore purple sweaters. This season, expect her to embrace her inner beast. "Elena has taken ownership of the werewolf in her. She's not torn anymore," explained Vandervoort. Then she added, "I'm owning that shit."

3. There will be complicated witches

We already knew that Tammy Isbell and Tommie-Amber Pirie had been cast as Bitten's witches, but we didn't know much about their roles. And we still don't! But Isbell did say that her character, Ruth, has an "incredible talisman that can do incredible things." And while Ruth is "quite powerful," she also has a vulnerable side.

4. There will be lots of fighting

Four episodes in, the Bitten stunt choreographer is already working hard: the stars told us to expect lots of combat when the series returns. "This season, no bull, it's intense," said Vandervoort, "It's almost a different show, in an amazing way. It's darker."

5. They love poutine

Okay, so this isn't a fact about Bitten season two. But it's an important fact about the stars! When asked their favourite food (by a very cute kid), they all collectively agreed on poutine. Lund even had a Bitten-and-poutine-related story. "I've watched Greyston eat an entire poutine one night," he said, "and then order another poutine and eat that entire poutine."

Bitten season two is set to premiere in early 2015. In the meantime, sink your teeth into these picks from the panel!

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Check out the sweet Doctor Who stuff at Fan Expo

by Neil 31. August 2014 14:49

If there’s one thing that isn’t lacking at this year’s (or any year’s) Fan Expo, it’s Doctor Who. You literally can’t swing a Sonic Screwdriver without bumping into Doctors, Daleks, or some sweet merch—that’s especially true if you’re hanging around near the Doctor Who Society of Canada booth.

Here’s a photo roundup of some of the coolest Doctor Who stuff we saw this weekend. Stay tuned for a plethora of pics dedicated entirely to Doctor cosplayers. For more Who right now, check out our coverage of Matt Smith's panel

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The best bits from Matt Smith and Arthur Darvill's Fan Expo reunion

by Eleni 31. August 2014 10:55

Matt Smith (aka the former Doctor) and Arthur Darvill (aka his former companion Rory Williams) pretty much put on a musical during their Doctor Who panel at Fan Expo. They did a duet of "Bohemian Rhapsody," sang "Happy Birthday" to an 11-year-old girl, and showed off their dance moves. Which were basically just lunges—in skinny jeans.

And of course, they reminisced about their years in the TARDIS. From their hour and a half on stage, it was clear that Smith and Darvill weren't just companions on Doctor Who—they're also very, very good friends in real life. Here are some of the best details they revealed.

Before appearing on Doctor Who, they got fat doing a play together

Smith and Darvill weren't strangers when they first showed up on the set of Doctor Who. The actors spent six months acting alongside each other in a play, during which, as Smith put it, "We both got quite fat." Darvill later learned that Smith had been cast as the Doctor when he was at his grandfather's house watching the news—and immediately sent his friend a text saying he wanted a pencil case with his face on it.

Smith had one line of advice for Peter Capaldi

One fan wanted to know what words of wisdom Smith offered to Peter Capaldi as he prepared to play the Time Lord. "I gave him one piece of advice," Smith said, "Listed to no one."

It's hard to choose a favourite companion

One very precocious child asked, "Who's your favourite companion, besides Amy?"—which basically meant Smith had choose between Darvill and Jenna Coleman. Smith conceded that he had a special experience with Karen Gillan and Darvill. But Clara is great too! "I like them all, both, equally more than each other," he said, "I look at one and I think, 'I wish you were the other one.'" Then he added, "Don’t ask me that question, you cool five-year-old!"

Smith is going to come back as the Master

So Smith hasn't actually signed the contract for this, but he's pitching it to Steven Moffat. Eleven's whole stint as the Doctor was a hoax. He was just the Master the whole time! Good idea, right?

And Darvill is never going to come back as the Doctor

Towards the end of the panel, a young girl asked Darvill how he would play the Doctor if he were given the role. "I would not want to play the Doctor," Darvill said, looking in Smith's direction, "because I think it's already been done how I want to see it." How sweet!

Catch new episodes of Doctor Who every Saturday night at 9e 6p, or visit the show page to watch online. Scroll down for some fab pics of the two gents! And if you still want more, read about the five things we learned at Smith's solo panel at Fan Expo.

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Autographs and more autographs at Fan Expo

by Neil 30. August 2014 17:12

Saturday was a swell day for Fan Expo atendees looking to score some free Space-related autographs. First up, shortly after their Killjoys panel (covered here!), the stars of Space’s upcoming original series dropped on by. Fans were super stoked to get Aaron Ashmore and Hannah John-Kamen to sign their name on things.

Later in the afternoon, our beloved InnerSpace trio, Teddy, Ajay, and Morgan, came by to pose for pictures and sign more autographs. You gotta love their enthusiasm, which hasn’t waned a smidge since Thursday. But don’t take my word for it—check out the sweet pics below!

And this one’s just for our own amusement.

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