Big News About the Star Wars First Stand-Alone Movie

by Corrina 20. April 2015 15:00

The past several days have bestowed upon fans a virtual smorgasbord of Star Wars-related news. A new 110-second trailer was unveiled late last week at the start of the three-day Star Wars Celebration and it nearly Kim Kardashian’d the internet. This year’s bash was held in Anaheim and organizers chose the final day of the fest to make some big announcements about the franchise’s first stand-alone movie, set to premiere in mid-December of 2016.

Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy was joined by Godzilla director Gareth Edwards, whose next big project is Rogue One, the first film in the Star Wars Anthology Series (that’s the newly announced official name for the offshoot collection of films).

So what’s this first flick all about? A rogue collection of resistance fighters with designs on the Death Star, Edwards told the crowd who attended Sunday’s panel discussion, explaining that the guerrilla fighters will undertake a mission to swipe the plans to build the superweapon from the Empire.

The director, who’s been a huge fan of the franchise since he was a kid, said that he “couldn’t sit in a cinema and know that someone else made this film.”

It was also revealed that Neil Corbould, the two-time Oscar-winning special effects artist behind Gravity and Gladiator would be joining the Rogue One crew. When the panel shared concept art for the upcoming film along with a short video, the fans in attendance went nuts.

Speaking of fans, has anyone ever made a cape look cooler than this mini Lando Calrissian cosplayer? Every Batman in history ought to be ashamed for thinking they could pull off the look.

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5 Sweet Things on Space This Week

by 20. April 2015 13:00

The Sorcerer's Apprentice (Friday 9e 6p)

Merlinians and Morganians battle for modern-day Manhattan in Disney’s live action version of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Nic Cage takes on the role of sorcerer while Canadian comedian Jay Baruchel is his less than enthusiastic apprentice and heir to the Merlin dynasty. Together, they’ll take on the most formidable sorceresses to ever stroll down Wall Street. Watch the trailer here.

Orphan Black: “Transitory Sacrifices of Crisis” (Saturday 9e 6p)


The third season of Orphan Black picks up the already frenetic pace in this second episode as the Leda sisters close in on the Castor clones and their true intentions. An old friend returns with some new information for Sarah that could be her first step in finding out who has Helena and Alison ramps up her efforts to take back her neighbourhood from the clutches of a political rival.

Real Steel (Saturday 10:15e 7:15p)

Hugh Jackman hangs up his Wolverine sideburns for a spell to play a boxing promoter in a future where the pugilists are made of metal and stand about 20 feet tall. As the backer of a scrapheap, err, underdog, Jackman’s character must take his fighter to the top in order to get himself out of a bad situation with some unsavory debt collectors. Nominated for an Oscar for Best Visual Effects, Real Steel is a like a futuristic Rocky with robots.

I, Robot (Sunday 11:30e 8:30p)

More robots! Will Smith has a serious case of robophobia in this 2004 flick about the year 2035, a time where the benign-seeming robots that are employed in the service of humans are on the edge of a secret revolt. Inspired by a collection of short stories written by sci-fi great Isaac Asimov, I, Robot is another movie recognized by the Academy for its excellent visual effects.

Salem: “Book of Shadows” (Sunday 10e 7p)

No longer in denial about her considerable witchy powers (the death of her parents ended all possibilities of that), Anne begins to embrace her supernatural side—but what will that mean for the witch hierarchy in Salem? We know one person who won’t be overjoyed by Anne’s change of heart: Mary. Is there a power struggle in store for the town’s top witch?

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Jurassic World’s Latest Trailer Shows Its Biggest, Baddest Dino

by Neil 20. April 2015 11:30
With all these Star Wars, Avengers, Ant Man, Mad Max, Terminator, Batman v Superman, and Fantastic Four trailers popping up over the past few weeks, we hope you didn’t forget about Chris Pratt and all those cuddly dinosaurs.

Fortunately, Universal just dropped the second trailer for Jurassic World, which features a whole bunch of big moments.

Like a three-way raptor attack.

Chris Pratt flexing his charm muscles to Bryce Dallas Howard.

Pterodactyls being jerks.

…As well as a tasty snack for a famished Mosasaurus.

And, finally, glimpses of the film’s big baddie, the Indominus Rex, who will “kill anything that moves” and can apparently communicate with other dinos.

Jurassic World breaks out of its cage and into theatres June 11. Check out the newest trailer and recently released posters below:


Comin' up on InnerSpace

by April 20. April 2015 11:00

This week on InnerSpace: Orphan Black is back for a brand new season, we report back from Calgary Expo, Toronto’s Hot Docs launches, and we investigate the future of medical technology.

Monday we have a full recap of your favourite clone drama, Orphan Black. We delve into the first episode of the third season with the one and only, Tatiana Maslany. Tat gives Teddy and Ajay the dirt on what we can expect for her clone crew in season 3. Pending a zombie apocalypse, that is. We also take a closer look at the new and mysterious group of Castor Clones, played by Ari Millen times four.

The InnerSpace team traveled to Calgary Expo to celebrate the convention’s 10th anniversary! On Tuesday Teddy and Ajay will bring you to the Stampede Grounds and feature the best in sci-fi, pop culture and animation for 2015.

The Canadian International Documentary Festival–aka Hot Docs—kicks off Thursday in Toronto. As North America’s largest documentary festival, this year the event has over 200 documentaries to choose from, which we’re super stoked about.

That was just a sample of some of our favourite trailers, so make sure to head to the festival to see these docs in their entirety, which you have until May 3 to do.

On Friday Morgan checks out some cool inventions at University of Toronto's Design Showcase, created by students in the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering. Watch Morgan test out gizmos and doodads that aid in walking, muscle memory, and mind control. A serious look into the future of technology!

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Watch the Full Batman v Superman Teaser Now

by Jon 18. April 2015 16:00
You’ve already seen the teaser for the teaser of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but now’s your chance to go a little deeper. This may not tide you over until the film’s released in March 2016, but it’s a good start.

Other than making it clear that the ungrateful people of Metropolis have turned against Superman, this teaser reveals little about the plot of this heavily anticipated superhero showdown. However, we do get a relatively thorough overview of the other crucial ingredients. You already saw the costumes, but now’s your chance to see them in action.

First up, Metropolis appears to be back to normal…

…until you take a closer look and see that Superman’s rep has taken some hits.

It’s not clear what he did wrong, but he is running with a strange crew.

It’s also possible that he’s wielding his muscle a little carelessly.

Now a military leader of some kind, he may have also abused his power.

As for Bruce Wayne, he has never looked more irritated.

On the plus side, he does have a Batmobile…

…and a steroid-fuelled physique.

Not to mention his new robot voice (“Tell me, do you bleed? You will.”) and electronic eyes that appear to be a tribute to The Lego Movie.

Of course, he’ll need more than those eyes to defeat his agile alien adversary.

To experience it all (complete with requisite Inception “BRAAM”), watch the teaser below.


A Closer Look at the New Star Wars Trailer

by Jon 17. April 2015 14:00
The world is still processing the enthusiasm generated by yesterday’s release of the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer. In all the excitement, there’s a good chance you missed some of the internet’s most intriguing reactions.

The prequel trilogy had all kinds of sounds and images in common with the original trilogy, but most fans agreed that the absence of the core characters was a serious shortcoming. While many of those characters will be back for The Force Awakens, the most iconic of all is likely to remain missing. However, after watching the teaser, Entertainment Weekly argues that Darth Vader could be resurrected.

Responding to the teaser, other fans have speculated about an apparent Boba Fett cameo, a rare appearance of blood, and the possibility that the Chrome Trooper we briefly glimpse is played by Game of Thrones actress Gwendoline Christie.

If you’ve spent the last 24 hours endlessly re-watching this video on YouTube, you were only a few clicks away from a Lego remake that miraculously appeared hours after the teaser. You can watch that below, but first take the time to witness the tearful reaction of Matthew McConaughey and/or Interstellar’s Cooper.

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Doctor Who Takes a Walk on the Dark Side

by Corrina 17. April 2015 12:00

“If someone who knew the future pointed out a child to you and told you that child would grow up totally evil, to be a ruthless dictator who would destroy millions of lives, could you then kill that child?” That was the question posed four decades ago by the Fourth Doctor, Tom Baker’s scarf-wearing incarnation, in an episode where he and Sarah Jane travel back to the time when Davros first created Daleks.

In the season nine opener, set to air this autumn, Peter Capaldi’s Doctor is faced with the same tough decision. Once again, the Time Lord finds himself in a standoff with his nemesis Davros—only instead of confronting a wizened old evil mastermind, the Davros in this episode is just a child, albeit one with a terrible destiny. It’s the same choice, but with a darker twist: he can save all the lives ever taken by the Daleks by killing just once, but can the Doctor kill a child?

It’s a heavy start, but showrunner Steven Moffat revealed that he’s actually taking Capaldi’s character in a different direction this season: “I’m writing quite funny this year. Peter magnifies anything dark. So I’m pushing him the other way. He’s also got a Scottish gloom about him. It was great fun to do for a year, but that’s not how we’ll play the rest of him.”

As for the future of Doctor Who beyond this new season, there are rumours that the show may expand beyond its BBC boundaries. Freshly unearthed information from the Sony Pictures hack revealed that Hollywood has a keen interest in Who. Can Adam Sandler do a British accent?


Ryan Gosling to Star in Blade Runner 2

by Jon 17. April 2015 10:00
Just a week ago, we reported that Ryan Gosling has signed on to star in Guillermo del Toro’s Disneyland-inspired movie, Haunted Mansion. He is now in negotiations to appear in another major genre effort: the long-awaited Blade Runner sequel.

For those who may be skeptical, it should be noted that Harrison Ford is reprising his role as Deckard, and original co-screenwriter Hampton Fancher co-wrote the new script. In fact, Ford—who had mixed feelings about the original Blade Runner, only to come around in later years—has said that the new script is “the best thing I’ve ever read.”

A box office disappointment in 1982, Blade Runner has attained classic status, thanks to its widespread influence and the improved cuts assembled by director Ridley Scott. While Scott won’t be back for the sequel, he is on board as an executive producer.

The new director is Denis Villeneuve (Prisoners), who is slowly emerging as one of his generation’s most skilled and reliable filmmakers. Between him (Villeneuve was born and raised in Québec) and Ontario’s own Ryan Gosling, the Blade Runner sequel has an unusually Canadian pedigree. We’re not sure it’s eligible, but don’t be surprised if it makes a splash at the 2017 Genies.

For a blast from the past (and future), watch the original Blade Runner trailer below.


Behold the New Star Wars Trailer

by Neil 16. April 2015 14:30

Man, that Batman v Superman teaser is soooo 16 hours ago.

We told you it was coming AND NOW HERE IT IS! Recently unveiled at this week’s Star Wars Celebration way down in Anaheim, here’s our second look at J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Like November’s 88-second teaser, this 110-second trailer is a ridiculously impressive (like, almost Phantom Menace-forgiving impressive) glimpse at what we can expect when the film finally comes out December 18. While the first 60 seconds of this trailer is a nice, slow burn, the latter half is wall-to-wall bananas.

We’ll save a lengthy post-trailer discussion for later, but for now here are its four most goosebumps-inducing moments.

First is this massive crash-landed Star Destroyer, with added gravitas courtesy of a slow tracking shot.

Second is Darth Vader’s gnarly head. Eerie, ominous, and a total 180 from the prequel trilogy's lighthearted tone.

Third is mysterious-looking Luke Skywalker's robo-hand caressing R2-D2 like a cute lil puppy.

Fourth is a reunion that almost made us fall off our chairs. "We're home" indeed.

And now, here’s your second look at probably the most anticipated thing in the galaxy right now:

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Who's Directing the Flash Gordon Remake?

by Jon 16. April 2015 09:45
In spite of the ongoing obsession with all things superhero, little attention has been paid to the potential of Flash Gordon. While the 1980 movie adaptation remains one of the most lively and inventive films of its kind, some viewers are still confused by its intentionally campy sensibility.

Three years ago, Seth MacFarlane gave the franchise a much-needed boost when he wrote its star (Sam J. Jones)—and cult following—into Ted. This might not have inspired anyone to take the franchise seriously, but it clearly triggered some fond memories, as a new script was commissioned in the months that followed. Guardians of the Galaxy also helped push this project in the right direction, as its success proved there’s still an audience for superhero movies with a light-hearted, eccentric spirit.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, British director Matthew Vaughn (Kingsman: The Secret Service) is now in negotiations to direct the remake. While he’s a less ideal candidate than countrymate Edgar Wright—a noted admirer of the 1980 original—Vaughn’s resume already includes superhero movies both traditional (X-Men: First Class) and irreverent (Kick-Ass), as well as an adventure epic (Stardust) that suggests an aptitude for the Flash’s fantasy elements.

However, the real test of the director’s mettle will be his approach to the soundtrack. If we don’t hear the “ah-ahhh”s of Queen’s legendary “Flash’s Theme,” Vaughn can forget our endorsement. You can sample that beloved theme song in the trailer below, followed by Sam C. Jones’s cameo from Ted.