The Last Ship Quiz Time: "El Toro"

by 22. July 2014 10:00

On this week's episode of The Last Ship: the Nathan James encounters a hostile society in Nicaragua, Tex gets cozy with Dr. Scott, and everyone gets one step closer to a vaccine. Take our quiz to test your knowledge of this week's action-packed ep.





The Last Ship: "El Toro"

by Eleni 21. July 2014 16:03

The Russian Admiral Ruskov was creepy and cruel. But this week's opportunistic megalomaniac is even worse.

The Nathan James' engines are back at full capacity following last week's brush with death. And with the Chief Engineer Andrea Garnett back on her feet as well, the ship is headed for Costa Rica with all its resources gunning. The plan is to test Dr. Scott's vaccine on some monkeys. Not the most pleasant task, but as Garnett puts it, "Better than humans."

Tex attempts some small talk (i.e. flirts) with Dr. Scott while she's running full-sprint on a treadmill. He asks why he never sees her in the wardroom for meals, and she reminds him that she's not particularly well-liked on the ship. She lied to the crew for four months while their families were dying, after all. Tex tells her not to underestimate people's capacity to forgive—and says he'll save her a spot for her at dinner.

Chandler is in bed making a video message for his family when Slattery knocks on the door. They've been picking up a lot of distress signals from Costa Rica, indicating that the country is filled with sickness and civil unrest. Dr. Scott thinks they should relocate to Nicaragua, where there's a monkey reserve 30 miles inland. That's outside radar range, so Chandler will need to put all his best men on this mission, including himself and Slattery. Scott is also insisting on coming along for the ride.

As the two RIBs (that's rigid-inflatable boat to you land animals) pull up to the Nicaraguan shoreline, it looks like they're entering a tropical paradise. Back on the Nathan James, Garnett explains that once the tactical crews fall out of radio range, they'll switch to a flare system. Green means no radio contact available but everything is okay, red means no radio and things are bad.

They pull up to the edge of the reserve, and Scott says the monkeys like to hang out at a stream near a waterfall. Chandler instructs Scott to stay put with Tex and two other men while the rest of the crew scouts the area.

As Chandler leads his group through the jungle, Tex questions Scott about whether or not she has a boyfriend. She explains that her guy is a journalist, and last she heard he was in Beijing. But that was months ago.

The jungle crew reaches the waterfall and immediately hears monkeys screeching. Great! But before they can capture their prey, a sick Nicaraguan woman emerges from the trees pleading for help while carrying a small child. Chandler screams at his men to strap on their masks. Suddenly, they're surrounded by sick Nicaraguans, all reaching out for help.

The sailors run back to the boats and Chandler shouts to retreat. He orders Dr. Scott back to the Nathan James—they can't risk her getting sick—while Chandler, Slattery and his team head upriver to find monkeys.

Pretty soon, Chandler's team is out of radio range, and they send out a green flare. But moments later, they pass a very creepy-looking shipwrecked yacht with the words "El Toro" written across the side. Apparently, that's what all the sick people were saying.

Back on the Nathan James, Scott explains to Garnett that the most concentrated area for the primate is deep upriver on the northern bank. That's probably where Chandler is heading. Shouldn't they, like, send in some backup? Garnett says that's not protocol—unless they get the red flare.

The captain and his crew are barely into the jungle when one of the men steps on a trap. Chandler kneels down and pulls the device out of the man's leg—meaning he's distracted for a moment. Which gives a band of mean-looking Nicaraguan men the chance to make an ambush.

They're led to a small village where the people are healthy but the vibe is angry. The men introduce the sailors to a man named El Toro, who speaks fluent English. "Welcome to my jungle," he says, in the fakest friendly voice. When Chandler asks for their weapons back, El Toro says no. So Chandler explains that there are 200 men on the Nathan James who will come looking for them if they're not back by the next day.

El Toro isn't fazed. He orders his men to take the wounded sailor to the doctor—where he can receive an antidote to the poison that was in the trap—and announces to Slattery and Chandler that it's time to dine.

Tex and Scott have dinner together, and she commends him for finding the humour in a terrible situation. Then they bond over their love of Mark Twain, which they can somehow both quote from memory. Are these two about to fall in love?

Things get weird in El Toro's dining room. He introduces the sailors to a nervous-looking man called Ervin Delgado, the former mayor of a nearby town—it is his constituents who now live in the encampment. At El Toro's request, Delgado explains that the wealthy man rules the community according to the ancient Inca system of labour exchange known as Mit'a. Slavery, essentially. But El Toro doesn't see it that way.

Slattery asks how El Toro made his money. Ladies' handbags? Drugs? Instead of answering, El Toro grabs hold of the pretty young girl who had been serving their lunch—one of Delgado's daughters—and explains that she is "in her prime." Disgusted, the girl pulls free and calls El Toro a pig. After a tense standoff, she is escorted from the tent.

With that drama done (for now), El Toro demands to know what, exactly, the sailors are up to. Chandler says they're investigating the monkeys—they believe they may have caused the virus. El Toro gives a surprising response: if they needed monkeys, all they had to do was ask. He'll have his men capture as many monkeys as they need.

But the tense convos still aren't over. As monkeys are being loaded onto the RIB, El Toro asks Chandler about the flare system. Chandler says they use red during the day and green at night. But El Toro is on to them: he says he thinks green means good and red means bad.

So it doesn't bode well when the Nathan James spots a green flare on the horizon.

Just as they're about to leave, chaos erupts at the camp. El Toro has ordered that the mayor's daughter be taken across the river, where she'll be left with the sick people. The mayor and his daughter are screaming. And when Slattery and Greene try to intervene, they both get dragged into a fight.

Back on the ship, Scott falls asleep while watching a movie with Tex. As he covers her with a blanket, she wakes up with a start. She says she senses something bad has happened, but Tex insists it was just a dream.

Of course, it wasn't. At the encampment, Green and Slattery are tied up. Chandler demands that they be released, but El Toro basically laughs in his face. Still, he says if they leave their weapons and their suits, he'll let them go with their lives and their monkeys.

It's not a bad offer, and the whole drama could have just ended there. But before walking away, El Toro grabs the mayor's youngest daughter, Valeria—who is barely even a teenager—and takes her with him to his tent. The Americans are disgusted, but powerless to intervene.

As they drive the RIB away, Slattery demands that they stop. He says they can't just leave those people there to suffer under El Toro. Jeter thinks they should keep their cool, but Chandler agrees it's not right. "We came to hunt," he says, and they turn back towards the camp. Things are about to get macho.

The mayor's daughter looks terrified as she enters El Toro's tent. Meanwhile, Slattery and Chandler sneak up on two of El Toro's guards and swiftly kill them in hand-to-hand combat. Now they have weapons.

El Toro continues his seduction, making Valeria drink from a goblet of wine. He slowly pulls off her dress as she cries. But as he's bringing her to the bed, he hears gunshots outside.

The sailors split up and silently make their way across the camp. Greene and Slattery narrowly avoid attacks from El Toro's men. Chandler makes his way to El Toro's tent—which is really more like a boudoir—where he kills one attacker. But El Toro is nowhere to be found.

That's because he's outside looking for his boat. A standoff ensues between El Toro and the mayor, during which El Toro grabs Valeria and holds a knife to her neck. But the sailors shoot down all of his remaining guards, and approach with guns loaded. "You're finished, boss," says Chandler, "It's over."

El Toro drops the knife and set Valeria free. As he's making his surrender, Delgado attacks him from behind, stabbing El Toro to death with his own knife. Chandler names Delgado the community's new leader—but the mayor insists the encampment belongs to everybody.

Back on the Nathan James, Tex tells Scott he just got word that Chandler and his guys are on their way back. Then gives her a swig of whiskey.

As for team on the RIB, it's one job well done. But as they pass the sick people on the river's south bank, it's obvious they still have a long way to go.

Stats of the Week
Number of flirtatious scenes between Dr. Scott and Tex: 5
Number of El Toro's men we see Chandler & co. kill: 11
Number of times Quincy gets whiny this episode: none, cause he's not in it!
Animals & wildlife we've met so far: a dog, several lab mice, a group of artic terns, two rats, another (presumably special) lab mouse, some monkeys
Regions/countries the ship has visited (or attempted to visit) so far: the United States, the Arctic, France, Guantanamo Bay, Costa Rica, some island in the middle of the Atlantic, Nicaragua

Watch the whole episode here!


Here's your chance to #AskInnerSpace

by 21. July 2014 16:00

Ever wondered which celebrity interview has made Teddy the most star-struck? Or if Morgan prefers Batman over Superman? Or what brand of shampoo Ajay uses? Then it's your lucky week: over on Twitter, the InnerSpace gang is giving fans a chance to ask all their most pressing, private and/or silly questions using the hashtag #AskInnerSpace. Don't expect an answer right away, however—responses will be aired during an exclusive "Behind the Scenes at InnerSpace" special airing later this summer on Space. Which gives you a lot of time to brainstorm the most creative question(s) you can muster.

So, what do you most want to know about your InnerSpace pals? Between the hosts' encounters with fame, on-set adventures, and off-set gossip, there's a lot of ground to cover. Get asking!


5 sweet things to watch on Space this week

by 21. July 2014 15:25

1. Season Premiere: Face Off (Tuesday 9e 6p)

This seventh season of Face Off has the theme Life & Death, so we can expect the artists to make lots of corpses, mummies, vampires and ghosts—as well as plants, forest imps, and babies. McKenzie Westmore returns as host, alongside judges Glenn Hetrick, Neville Page, and Ve Neill—although Lois Burwell will occasionally be subbing for Ve, who is busy working on The Hunger Games these days.

2. Sharktopus (Wednesday 9e 6p)

The Navy commissions a shadowy scientific organization called Blue Water to engineer a half-shark, half-octopus. And as the group's leader, Dr. Nathan Sands (played by Eric Roberts, Julia Roberts' brother) puts it in the trailer, their invention seems destined to become "the next super-weapon." Except they probably should have spent less time stitching octopus tentacles onto a shark and more time figuring out how to control the thing. Hold onto your bikini bottoms, sharktopus has gone rogue!

3. Jaws (Friday 9e 6p)

Most of the shark movies we play on Space fall into the so-bad-it's-good category. But Jaws fits firmly in the so-good-it's-actually-just-great camp. Steven Spielberg's 1975 classic is as nightmare-inspiring today as it was three decades before anyone had ever heard the word "sharknado." Ian Ziering isn't in it, but Richard Dreyfus is.

4. Mega Shark vs. Mecha Shark (Sat 9e 6p)

Mega Shark = a prehistoric megalodon released from an iceberg. Mecha Shark = a high-tech submarine that looks like the Mega Shark. It's man vs. machine. Metal vs. flesh. Civilization vs. prehistory. One giant shark vs. another fake giant shark. Mega Shark is especially aggro because he wants to mate. So it's kind of a shark rom-com?  

5. The Last Ship (Sun 9e 6p)

After this week's Cannibal Holocaust-esque foray into the Nicaraguan jungle (watch the ep right here!), Dr. Scott has her monkeys and is ready to start testing a prototype of the vaccine. But if the promo for next week's episode is any indication, this could put the whole ship at risk of being infected with the virus. Let's hope her tests work and the rest of the season is just the crew taking the ship from tropical island to tropical island and chilling out.

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Coming up on InnerSpace

by Tegan 21. July 2014 10:21

San Diego Comic-Con is fast approaching. There’s so much to do and see you’ll wish you had a time machine. Since you don’t have access to the TARDIS, we’ve got the next best thing: the Comic-Con survival guide. On Monday, tune in for tips that every Con-thusiast should know.

On Tuesday, Ajay interviews Famke Janssen from the Netflix original hit series, Hemlock Grove. Turn off the lights for that one.

In case you’re wondering what The Rock’s been cooking lately, Morgan gets a chance to sit down and talk Hercules with Dwayne Johnson on Wednesday.

In addition to Hercules, it’s a big week for upcoming movie release coverage, and we’re looking at several hotly anticipated flicks, including Lucy, Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, and, naturally, Sharknado 2: The Second One.


Space-iest stories of the week

by Eleni 18. July 2014 14:59

1. To get you excited for the premiere of Face Off on Tuesday, July 22 at 9e 6p, here are 7 reasons the show rocks from the Entertainment Weekly Community.

2. In The Last Ship, a deadly virus wipes out 80% of the world's population in just four months. It's the most extreme scenario possible—but it's not entirely impossible. So Discover Magazine explored how the world would actually cope if faced with a pandemic of that amplitude.

3. The Last Ship star Rhona Mitra—aka super-scientist Dr. Rachel Scott—talked to Collider about how she got involved with the show (apparently Michael Bay called her) and how she gets into character.

4. "It was one of the coolest things I've ever seen." That's Karen Gillen describing what it was like to see Peter Capaldi walk onto the Doctor Who set for the first time. The former companion also says the show is in "safe hands" with its new star.

5. It's not in 3D, but this LEGO tribute to the Doctor Who 50th anniversary from YouTube user bookshelfprodutions actually looks pretty slick. Plus, it's adorable.

6. Also in the "cute" camp: here's the story of a Welsh father-son duo who crafted their very own to-scale TARDIS in their backyard.

7. Back in February, Business Week stopped by the set of Sharknado 2. This week, they reported on their visit and the Sharknado phenomenon. Apparently, Ian Ziering originally accepted the role so he could keep his health insurance.

8. These days, Ziering is all Sharknado pride. And he told reporters this week that he could "definitely" see a Sharknado movie taking place in Canada.

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Director says Uncharted movie will film in 2015

by Neil 18. July 2014 12:03

It’s pretty safe to say that since the dawn of time (or at least 1993, when the Super Mario Bros. movie came out) film adaptations of video games have generally sucked big time. From Street Fighter, to Prince of Persia, to Lara Croft, to this year’s Need for Space, virtually none of these titles really amounted to anything. An argument could be made that the Resident Evil films are good, dumb fun, but even that’s a stretch.

Still, we can’t help but feel that an Uncharted movie would be all kinds of rad. I mean, it’s basically Indiana Jones. For the past few years, there has been on and off news of an Uncharted adaptation, but not much has materialized.

Now, finally, after filmmakers David O. Russell and Neil Burger bailed, King of Kong director (great flick, btw) Seth Gordon gives us some pretty solid news. In a recent interview with Zap2it, and later reported by Joystiq, Gordon said “I think very early next year." Gordon also claims to have gotten “the script to a good place.”

As for casting Drake, at one point Mark Wahlberg was attached, but he appears to be out. Gordon also added, "I want it to be a great actor. That's number one. The game is so well done that you need it to live up to that.”

Of course, we, Joystiq, and everyone else who ever played the enormously fun PlayStation games have just one suggestion. This man, pleaaaasssse:

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A first-timer watches Doctor Who: "Blink"

by Eleni 18. July 2014 11:05

Another standout episode! "Blink" feels like Doctor Who does Hitchcock: the meticulous pacing, the moody lighting, the repeated close-ups on characters' eyes. While "Human Nature"/"The Family of Blood" provided us with a different angle on the Doctor—i.e. a human one—"Blink" shifts the perspective yet again, showing us the Doctor from the vantage of Sally Sparrow (Carey Mulligan), a 2007 human who gets caught up in a creepy time travel drama. We barely see Martha and the Doctor this episode, but that's almost part of the fun. Sally must piece together the Doctor's jigsaw puzzle with the minimal clues he's left from the past.

In my write-up for "Human Nature," I mentioned that the animated scarecrows were among the creepiest alien villains I've seen on the show so far—but that title has been usurped by the weeping angels. It's a matter of taste, but for me the most impactful villains aren't the ones with gooey green skin (or the ones who kind of look like industrial vacuum cleaners—sorry, Daleks) but the ones that disguise themselves as familiar Earthly things—in this case angelic statues. The angels' silence—and their beauty—made them scarier than any giant lizard could have been.

This episode also plays with the idea of sight and being seen in interesting ways. The angels can only move when no one is looking at them. If someone—even another of their kind—gazes their way, they freeze. "Loneliest creatures in the universe," the Doctor says—and I think we could draw a link to his own psyche here. As we saw so starkly last episode, he is incapable of true intimacy or closeness with another being—he does not let himself be seen. His final hologram meeting with Rose was a case in point: just when he was (maybe) going to tell her he loved her, his projected image faded away; she never go to see the "deeper" Doctor. In certain senses, just like the angels, he is made of stone.

It's too bad we only see Sally for one episode. The gleam in her eye when she finally meets the Doctor suggests she would have made a great companion. Carey Mulligan's understated performance carried this episode, and I especially liked the quickie love story between Sally and Billy. I know this is the episode in which the phrase "timey-wimey" was first coined, but Billy's assertion to Sally that "life's short and you're hot" was easily my favourite line in the script.

The focus on Sally was also a good way to take a breather from Martha and the Doctor after the emotional intensity of the last two episodes. As a viewer, I know feel recovered and ready for some more space travel.


That freaky doll from The Conjuring is back

by Neil 17. July 2014 15:49

Remember that super creepy doll from James Wan’s 2013 horror flick, The Conjuring? The one those demonologists played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga kept locked away with all their paranormal goodies. The one in the glass box with the handwritten note on it that read: “WARNING POSITIVELY DO NOT OPEN.”

Her name is Annabelle, and she’s getting her very own spinoff that will serve as a prequel to the very well-received (we dug it!) The Conjuring, which itself will get a sequel sometime next year. Confusing, but good news!

One of the most memorable things about The Conjuring was its visuals, so it’s comforting to know that while Wan won’t be at the helm this time, The Conjuring’s cinematographer, John R. Leonetti, will be directing. Dude also shot Child’s Play 3, so he should feel right at home.

Turn off the lights and watch the first trailer for Annabelle, which is slated for October 3, pretty darn close to Halloween.


5 new challenges we want to see this season on Face Off

by Eleni 17. July 2014 15:15

Is there a ghoul shortage in your life right now? Good news: the seventh season of Face Off premieres Tuesday, July 22 at 9e 6p on Space. And while we know that the first challenge will be based on the theme "life and death" (also the theme for the rest of the season), we have no idea what will happen in the remaining episodes. However, we do know what challenges we would like to see happen over the next few months. Read on for our excellent, should-definitely-be-picked-up ideas for Face Off season seven.

CHALLENGE 1: Make the Judges
We've mentioned this idea in past recaps, and it's still a good one. Each of the Face Off judges has such a distinct look, they're practically begging to be redesigned in some kind of extreme, deformed way. Especially Glenn.

CHALLENGE 2: Make a Doctor Who Alien
This challenge could sadly never happen—since Face Off and Doctor Who are made by different companies—but just imagine. Perhaps the ultimate Face Off prize would be the chance to have an artist's very own creature appear on an episode of Doctor Who. The Face Off contestants could definitely do better than the Abzorbaloff (pictured below), which won a design-a-monster contest back in 2005. It's basically an outer-space version of Fat Bastard from Austin Powers.

CHALLENGE 3: Make a Shark
We're neck-deep in shark season—or rather, good-bad-movies-about-sharks season—which means the Face Off contestants should definitely make some sharks. Dinoshark, 2-headed shark, and sharktopus have already been done. Maybe someone could make a shark-spider hybrid? Or a flying shark? I dunno, I'm not an artist!

CHALLENGE 4: Make an Anthropomorphic Alcoholic Beverage
Not only is it shark season—it's also patio season. So we're thinking the Face Off contestants should design original characters based on drinks. Like a beer-inspired man-sized baby. Or a white Russian ice monster. But what do I know—I’m not a makeup artist!

CHALLENGE 5: Make a Cloud
Face Off loves a nature challenge. So this season, the artists should have to make clouds. To get them inspired, McKenzie takes them out to a field, where they lie on their backs and sketch what they see. Everyone's final looks just look like six-foot-tall cotton balls. Don't blame me if this challenge kind of sucks—no one pays me to design things!