Watch the First Fantastic Four Teaser Now

by Jon 27. January 2015 12:15

Superhero movies have undergone some major changes in the last decade. Just compare the new Fantastic Four teaser to the 2005 original (both are included below), and you’ll see what we mean.

One of the few superhero movies of the last decade not to spawn a sequel, 2005’s Fantastic Four was generally seen as a misfire. Awkwardly combining aspects of Bryan Singer’s X-Men and Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man, it was too jokey and generic for its own good. Judging from the first teaser for the 2015 reboot, it seems Marvel has taken a page out of the Christopher Nolan playbook, emphasizing somber reflection over wisecracking escapism.

Directed by Josh Trank (Chronicle), the new Fantastic Four features Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan, and Jamie Bell. This teaser also includes the high-minded rambling of a Morgan Freeman soundalike—though we can’t imagine Freeman turning down a voice-over opportunity—offering vaguely presidential thoughts about the future, our ideals, and “a responsibility that rests on the shoulders of generations to come.” This isn’t groundbreaking stuff, but the teaser does offer a few revealing details.

Miles Teller pretends to be a nerd for a while…

…but eventually transforms into himself.

A space mission goes horribly wrong.

This is what the birth of The Thing looks like.

Human Torch has the power to illuminate dark hallways…

…and battle blue blobs.

Expect some large-scale destruction… or whatever this is.

The 4 in the title is also an “A.”

Fantastic Four arrives in theatres on August 7th, exactly ten years after its predecessor. Watch the trailers for both below.

Fantastic Four (2015)

Fantastic Four (2005)


Blu-ray of the Week: Fright Night (1985)

by Jon 27. January 2015 10:08

If you’re one of the many die-hard fans of the original Fright Night, the wait for a worthwhile Blu-ray of this teen vampire classic has been unbearable. Now that the film is celebrating its 30th anniversary, a special edition worthy of its reputation has finally arrived… and it’s already out of print.

This is likely to strike some fans as a puzzling development, but there’s a perfectly logical—if frustrating—explanation. In spite of the film’s fanatical following, Sony determined years ago (around the time of the 2011 remake) that Fright Night was unlikely to become a Blu-ray blockbuster. After arriving at this short-sighted conclusion, they licensed the film to Twilight Time, the first-rate distributor that pays studios up front commissions, in order to release cult favourites in limited edition runs of 3,000 copies.

When Twilight Time released a bare bones edition of Fright Night in 2011, that disc sold out rapidly. As a result, they made plans to release 5,000 copies of a more comprehensive edition, but when this Blu-ray was made available for pre-order in December, it sold out even faster than the first disc. As of right now, Fright Night fans who failed to pre-order a copy have a few less-than-ideal options: a feature-less (but region free) foreign Blu-ray with a spookier title (Die rabenschwarze Nacht), or one of several eBay copies of the new disc selling for around $90.

While we’d argue that no Blu-ray is worth that steep price, this special edition includes just about every conceivable extra, making it a Fright Night fan’s dream disc. Extras include two trailers, a stills gallery, liner notes, an isolated score, two commentaries with cast and crew, 95 minutes of EPK and behind-the-scenes footage, a 28-minute interview with writer-director Tom Holland, and a 55-minute cast reunion panel from 2008.

Anecdotes and observations are repeated from one extra to the next, but this disc leaves no stone unturned. Recurring themes include the star-filled Hollywood wonderland that was co-star Roddy McDowall’s home, the vital role that Psycho II played in making Fright Night possible, and the film’s unlikely connection to mid-’80s John Travolta oddity Perfect. If you’ve always wondered why this classic—easily one of the best horror films of the ’80s—was never given the respect (or sequel) it deserved, Holland chalks it up to Hollywood’s get-rich-quick mindset. Unfortunately, that same mindset has left even this excellent special edition frustratingly elusive.


A First-Timer Watches Doctor Who: "Flesh and Stone"

by Corrina 27. January 2015 09:58

When we last left the Doctor he was preparing his comrades to jump on his signal. In the second half of this two-part episode, we find out why: he was going to reverse gravity, natch.

Clever party trick aside, danger came at Amy and the Doctor from all directions during this episode and it seemed for a time that there might not be enough sonic screwdriver solutions in the universe to get them out of the major jam they’d found themselves in.

Chief among the many anxiety-inducing situations was the fact that Amy (whose poor eyeballs had been imprinted with an Angel image—and therefore an actual Angel) had to fend for herself in a forest full of the creatures. If that weren’t already enough of a nail-biter, she had to do it with her eyes closed. (Remember, you’re not even supposed to BLINK in the presence of the Angels, never mind stumbling around like you’re playing a lonely game of Marco Polo.)

And then there’s that crack thing that’s been following her around. The Doctor diagnoses it as the end of the universe with his typical “shrug, no big deal” style. Nothing phases Matt Smith’s Doc. Anyway, it’s been leaking time energy all over the place, erasing individual existences pell-mell. Prognosis? “Extremely very not good,” he decides, changing his tune just a smidge.

All in all, it’s enough to make you want to lie down and let the futility of the predicament lull you off to sleep/death.

But the Doctor, Amy, and convicted murderer (whaaaa?) River Song push on (because lying down to die mid-season is very bad form). Besides, if they’d given up we wouldn’t have seen River in handcuffs for the second time in Who history. Maybe they’re her thing, like the Doctor’s bow tie.

We also wouldn’t have seen Amy attempt to snog the Doctor (the night before her own wedding and after just being rescued by the Doctor’s maybe-wife, too).

But just when it seemed as though she was going to have to face facts about her impending nuptials, it’s back into the TARDIS for some emergency mission—or a last-minute bachelorette party. Only time (lords) will tell. 


doctor who

Julia Roberts Joins Forces with Batkid

by Jon 26. January 2015 16:00
For those who don’t remember Miles Scott, here’s a quick reminder of the story that took the world by storm in November 2013:

As a five-year-old leukemia patient, Scott expressed a desire to become Batkid, the Caped Crusader’s tiny sidekick. Touched by this request, the city of San Francisco joined forces with the Make-a-Wish foundation to make this unlikely dream come true. On November 15th, 2013, 25,000 people took to the newly Gotham-ized streets of San Francisco, watching the real Batman express his gratitude to Batkid. This story attracted the attention of roughly two billion people, making it one of the most far-reaching internet phenomena of all time.

Just over a year later, this story is recounted in Batkid Begins: The Wish Heard Around the World. Over the weekend, this documentary debuted at the Slamdance Film Festival, Sundance’s less prestigious rival festival. While the filmmakers were probably disappointed not to make it into Sundance, they received a consolation prize beyond their wildest dreams: Julia Roberts acquired rights to their film, agreeing to produce and star in a feature adaptation.

Ecstatic about this news, Batkid Begins director Dana Nachman released a statement—in the form of one very long sentence: “It’s thrilling to me that Ms. Roberts and her team watched our film and were so moved by it that they want to dedicate their time and creative capital to make sure the widest audience possible will know and love Miles’ story and the spirit of this intimate special event that went global, as much as we do.”

For more on Batkid Begins, visit the official site and/or watch the trailer below.


Comin' up on InnerSpace

by Jesse 26. January 2015 13:00

From sci-fi thrillers to hotly anticipated video games, topped off with the Best of Ajay, we’ve got a week coming up on Innerspace that you won’t want to miss a second of.

Kicking things off with a bang, on Monday we visit the set of a new sci-fi movie filming in Toronto: Prisoner X. When you mix time travel, terrorists, and a creepy prison setting, you get a movie that’s sure to be one of the year’s biggest underground hits.

On Tuesday, Ajay counts down the top five things you need to know about Dying Light, an upcoming survival horror game arriving on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

If you’ve never played the amazing neo-noir adventure game Grim Fandango , then Wednesday’s segment will show you why you can’t miss the re-mastered version of this classic 1998 PC game.

Looking to brush up on your DC Universe knowledge before Batman vs. Superman soars into theatres this summer? Thursday we’ve got The New 52 101 to give you the latest lowdown.

Come Friday, it’s the very best of our beloved Mr. Ajay Fry, as we look back on our favourite moments with InnerSpace’s beloved host of the last year.


5 Sweet Things on Space This Week

by 26. January 2015 11:00

Face Off: “Let the Games Begin” (Tuesday 9e 6p)

Peeta! This new episode of Face Off features Hunger Games star Josh Hutcherson as guest judge. What does the actor know about makeup? Well, he’s spent a lot of time around Elizabeth Banks in full Effie Trinket mode so he has that going for him. This week’s spotlight challenge tasks the competitors with dreaming up their own Hunger Games-inspired, genetically engineered predator à la the deadly Tracker Jacker. (RIP Glimmer.)

Orphan Black Double Header (Thursday 9e 6p, 10e 7p)

Celebrate Tatiana Maslany’s latest honour (the Regina native is getting a street named after her in her hometown) with a double dose of episodes from season two. This week we revisit Alison in rehab and a new clone gets introduced into the mix. The season three premiere is getting so close, we can almost smell the nucleic acid... at least we think that’s what that smell is.

Speed Racer (Friday 9e 6p)

The Wachowskis’ neon-tinged film adaptation of the racing-themed Japanese anime and manga series stars Emile Hirsch, Christina Ricci, John Goodman, and Susan Sarandon and looks as much like anime as it does a video game. Expect a ton of awesome, out of this world crashes, blow outs, and pile ups as Speed Racer rallies to save his family’s racing legacy.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter & Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies (Saturday 9e 6p & 11:10e 8:10p)

Honest Abe goes up against a whole host of undead dudes threatening the not yet century-old United States of America. First up: vampires who want to take over the country.

Then—as if battling back bloodsuckers and drafting the Emancipation Proclamation weren’t enough of a contribution to his country—Lincoln also has to fend off the brain-eating Confederate Undead in this mockbuster spin-off of Vampire Hunter.

Bitten Season 1 Marathon (Sunday, starting at 6e 3p)

Early risers rejoice: the all-day Bitten marathon starts at the crack of dawn with season one’s first episode, “Summons”. Reacquaint yourself with Elena and The Pack ahead of the season two premiere, airing February 7. Late sleepers, don’t worry—there’ll be plenty of Bitten left for you to sink your teeth into. The marathon goes until dinner time.

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Regina Street Named After Tatiana Maslany

by 23. January 2015 13:14

Orphan Black star Tatiana Maslany is having an extremely eventful week. According to The Hollywood Reporter, she is currently testing for a role in a Star Wars spin-off. If that’s not enough, she has also received a very flattering tribute from her hometown.

Maslany is already the recipient of countless awards and nominations for her role(s) in Orphan Black, but word of another honour arrived yesterday on Regina’s Facebook page: “We are very excited to announce that the Civic Naming Committee has approved the use of the name Maslany for a street name in our city. This is being done in honour of famous Regina born and raised actress Tatiana Maslany. The official location will be in the first phase of Regina’s new Skywood development.”

At this early stage in Maslany’s career, this tribute might seem a tad premature to some, but Orphan Black has offered her an opportunity to flourish in a career’s worth of roles. (12 last time we counted.) It should also be noted that she is now arguably the most famous person ever born in Regina. Her stiffest competition? Late, great Naked Gun star Leslie Nielsen.

Don’t forget: Orphan Black's third season premieres Saturday, April 18 on Space. In the meantime, catch up with the first two seasons on CraveTV.


10 Things to Remember from Bitten Season 1

by Corrina 22. January 2015 16:51

The second season of Bitten is mere weeks away (February 7 at 9e 10p, to be exact) and fans couldn’t be more psyched to see what Elena and The Pack have been up to. In anticipation, we’ve compiled a list of things to remember from the last time we saw Elena, Clay, Jeremy and the rest of the wolves from Stonehaven. Better brush up before things get too hairy!

1. Resisting The Change is not an option

Wolves have to run. Sure, it’d be easier to hang out in their beautiful human forms, living their beautiful human lives, but bad things happen when you resist your wolf nature. Remember episode one? Elena had been repressing her inner wolf for too long. The result: an involuntary change at an inopportune moment.

2. The Change

Elena is the only known woman to ever survive being bitten by a werewolf. Even tough-as-nails chicks like Amber can’t withstand The Change. While anyone can be bitten, men (though not all of them) are the only ones to survive the first Change. Male children fathered by a werewolf can be born with the ability to change, but aren’t able to do so until they hit puberty (like Nick, for example) but only if they’re genetic male werewolves. Clay, being the exception, was bitten as a child and was actually able to Change since he was young; explains a lot about him, don’t ya think?

3. The Change, Part 2

Newly turned werewolves have a hard time controlling The Change. Any extreme stimulus (like Elena’s claws to the chest) can cause a new wolf to transform—and go on a murderous rampage up in da club.

4. Want to be in this gang? Follow the rules. Or else.

Werewolf rules: No killing humans. Mutts aren’t allowed territory and must stay on the move. Male children born into The Pack are supposed to be raised by The Pack. (Emphasis on the “supposed to be”—hey, rules are made to be broken, right?) But above all: there’s no telling humans that werewolves exist; it’s best to just let them live in horror movies and nightmares. Snitches get stitches and their human pals get an early funeral.

5. Revenge is best served while it’s still warm

Contrary to the old adage, The Pack acts quickly when Mutts get out of line. And mercy isn’t often on the menu.

6. Traitors are around every corner

Mutts can’t be trusted. How many times was The Pack double-crossed before they learned this lesson?

7. Love bites

That love triangle between Clay, Elena, and Philip? It was resolved. Philip doesn’t stand much of a chance against Clay anymore now that he’s a good head shorter than he used to be. (Too soon?)

8. Love bites, Part 2

The reason why Clay bit Elena: to save her from being killed by Jeremy. Nice of The Pack Alpha to finally get around to telling her that.

9. The Mutts are organized

Who’s behind the Mutt uprising? Malcolm Danvers (aka James Williams). Jeremy’s father is bent on destroying The Pack at Stonehaven. He’s the force that’s driving all the trouble that has been visited on The Pack this season.

10. Wolves are wild animals

We don’t recommend keeping one as a pet.

Catch up on the entire first season of Bitten on CraveTV, and tune in to Space February 7 at 9e 10p for the premiere of season two. Ah-wooooo!

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8 Reasons to Love the Eighth Doctor

by Jesse 22. January 2015 15:51

Of all of the brilliant portrayals of our favourite Time Lord to hit the small screen, the Eighth Doctor is often the most overlooked.

He was played by Paul Mcgann and although his version only appeared in a single TV movie in 1997, if you look beneath the surface you will find one of the most exciting and interesting of the Doctor’s many lives. Here’s why.

1. A new beginning

Near the end of his life, the Seventh Doctor had become one of the darkest incarnations up until that point. When he regenerated, he took it as a chance for a fresh start. The new Doctor was young, energetic and was the first to kiss on screen (big deal at the time). In many ways, he was the Doctor who was the basis for later portrayals by David Tennant and Matt Smith, which helped make the show what it is today.

2. Consistently great stories

From this point on in this article, we’ll largely be focusing on the Big Finish audio adventures as those have Paul Mcgann actually playing the Doctor and they have been made canon through “Night of the Doctor.” While not every one is perfect, the audio adventures are some of the best. I especially recommend checking out the Eighth Doctor Adventures line and Dark Eyes lines.

3. Companions you will really care about

From girl from Blackpool under Time Lord witness protection to nursing assistant from WWI, these companions will gain a place in your heart right up there with the likes of Rose, Martha, Donna, Amy, and Clara.

4. Ties to classic series stories

In the Eighth Doctor stories we see some interesting ties to some of the best classic tales, including the return of Susan Foreman, the Doctor’s granddaughter reprised by Carol Anne Ford, Morbius , The Monk, and even the Eight Legs.

5. Build up to the Time War

Obviously one of the most exciting elements of this era of Doctor Who is watching the pieces of the Time War fall into place. We not only see the Doctor become the man he was in the Time War, but also the Time Lords and Daleks becoming increasingly dangerous.

6. A tragic character arc

He’s a youthful, optimistic Doctor who loses those he cares for most and watches the universe turn to shambles as we edge closer and closer to the last great Time War. But never stops looking for some form of hope to keep him going and as the series goes on we know that things are only getting worse.

7. Night of the Doctor

When this mini episode hit the web, it was one of the most exciting things about the 50th anniversary’s attempts at tying the classic series to the new one. Its release was a complete surprise that no one saw coming and Mcgann stepped back into the role as though he had never left.

8. An amazing regeneration

We finally see the Eighth Doctor perish, refusing to leave someone he had just met die and meeting his own fate in the process.


Simon Pegg Co-Writing Star Trek 3

by Jon 22. January 2015 12:57
Thanks to the departure of J.J. Abrams, Star Trek is going through a transitional phase. But in deciding where to go next with the franchise, producers seem to be leaning heavily on one man: Simon Pegg.

After series co-writer Roberto Orci left the directing chair, word leaked that Edgar Wright was in talks to replace him. In all likelihood, this grew out of his longstanding partnership with Pegg on Spaced and The Cornetto Trilogy (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, The World’s End). While Wright ultimately decided to focus on another new project (Baby Driver)—leaving directing duties to Fast & Furious journeyman Justin Lin—Pegg has remained active in defining Star Trek’s new creative direction.

According to Deadline, Pegg has now been hired to co-write the script with Doug Jung, creator of TNT’s Dark Blue and writer of Bad Robot’s upcoming Diamond. For those who aren’t up-to-speed on Pegg’s writing credits, it should be noted that he co-wrote all those Wright collaborations, as well as films like Run, Fatboy, Run and alien buddy comedy Paul.

Does this means the franchise is moving in a more comic direction? It’s too early to say, but Pegg has offered some thoughts on what could be next for the USS Enterprise. “I’d like to see us go off now and have our first sort of solo adventure, as it were,” he told in August 2013. “It was fun to play with Trek history, to go back and forth with things that people know and love, but it’s a big galaxy and we’ve got some great writers and fantastic characters.”