Cosima's Blog: “A Brief History of Cloning”

by 22. April 2014 14:41

Science Factoids: Topic: Cloning / Gene Therapy

•    1960’s -  The term ‘genetic engineering’ replaced with ‘gene therapy,’ which hearkened a less dubious practice of turning genetic principles towards the treatment of human disease. 1
•    As bodies are permanently modified by attenuated viruses, vaccination could be considered a kind of gene therapy.2  
•    1973 – First animal gene was cloned, causing public outcry against self-propagating organisms
•    While recombinant DNA was cutting-edge bioscience in the 1970’s, cloning – like the term genetic engineering – was a not new.  Indeed, the idea and the term, can be traced all the way back to ancient Greece. 
      o    clonos – ‘twig’ in greek – creating new trees from the branches of an adult tree
•    Some animals and how they were cloned:
      o    1952 – Robert Briggs & Thomas King transfer a blastula-cell nuclei into a leopard frog’s eggs to direct development of tadpoles
      o    1996 – Dolly the sheep is born; the first mammal cloned by Ian Wilmut & Keith Campbell
•    In the same way that identical twins (which are essentially clones, albeit ones split from the same fertilized egg which develop together in the womb) are not actually identical, neither would genetically engineered clones be exact replicas of each other – physically or psychologically.  Cloning in and of itself does not produce interchangeable identities.


1. Jon A. Wolff and Joshua Lederberg, “An Early History of Gene Transfer and Therapy,” in Human Gene Therapy, 5:469-480 (1994), p. 470.   Also see Bernard Davis, “Prospects for Genetic Intervention in Man.” Science, 170:3964 (December 18, 1970), 1279-1283, p. 1283, fn. 2 referring to Lederberg’s letter to the editor, New York Times, Sept. 26, 1970.
2. Wolff and Lederberg, p. 473.


Orphan Black Quiz: "Nature Under Constraint and Vexed"

by 22. April 2014 11:42

On this week's Orphan Black premiere: Sarah tries to find Kira, Delphine gets cozy with Cosima, and Alison's acting acting career get a boost. Plus, there's a visit from one of their thought-dead sisters. Take our quiz to test your knowledge of the episode!






A letter from the creators of Orphan Black

by 21. April 2014 14:44

Dear #CloneClub,

Welcome to season two of Orphan Black. We wouldn’t be here without your love and support of our weird little show, so to start the blog off right we want to say THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts. You make this real! Season two hits the ground running – this is where we started…

Selfies: John Fawcett and Graeme Manson the Cabin creating their “Evil Masterplan.”

Not long after the release of season one and right before the wild ride of Comicon, we began the process of writing season 2 with a ‘creator’s retreat’ in the wilds of B.C. After several days we printed our Evil Masterplan off a generator. Here’s proof a tractor can lift a Mac Air, plus the diametrically opposed settings of cabin and FanExpo caught on camera, because, well, we’re dorks.

Printing the “Season 2 Evil Masterplan” by generator.

Panel at Fan Expo, Toronto!

Later in the summer Graeme went back to the cabin to punch out the first draft of 201. Here he is scribing it up in B.C.

The Hive then gathered in our new improved writer’s room in Toronto, to hear the Evil Masterplan, and begin the long process of breaking season two. At this stage in the co-creator partnership, Graeme runs the writer’s room and John steps in part time as the critical “outside eye”, usually giving the ubiquitous note we’ve come to respect: “Make it cooler.” Science Consultant Cosima Herter joined the room several times, providing big picture context for our science and the ethical dilemmas of genetic engineering. Now we had the framework plot, character arcs, and themes Graeme could pitch to the networks. By mid August, sets were going up in the studio next door.

Season 2 writers room, from left to right: Tony Elliot’s fashion forward red Nike with yellow sock; John Fawcett; Russ Cochrane; peace-loving Alex Levine; Karen Walton nerding out; Ass-kicking assistant Mackenzie Donaldson. (Chris Roberts hiding out of frame)

The writers explore Leekie’s new office. From left to right: Tony Elliot; Chris Roberts; Science Consultant Cosima Herter; Aubrey Nealon; Story Coordinator Alex Mircheff.

As we did in season one, Episodes one and two were scheduled and shot as a block, with John directing both. Graeme wrote episode one and co-wrote two with Karen Walton. We really tried to “go big” for the first two, both in storytelling and production value, and stole a couple extra shooting days from other episodes. The opening diner sequence we had in mind since the end of season one. Scenes like Sarah finding Felix at our fictional leather-boy bar “Thumper’s”, Paul’s “meeting” on the bridge, and the Rooftop Dyad party were graphic locations with lots of extras - big fat scenes for John and DP Aaron Morton to feast on. Clone scenes are always big – big, long, slow days. But we wanted a good clone scene or two in episode 1 and putting Alison on Skype with with Sarah, Cosima, and Felix was a great way to reconnect our Clone Trinity. Then of course, Sarah confronts Rachel, and by now you know how that went … Stay tuned for more big time production value in episode two! And thanks again for helping create the greatest club around!


John and Graeme

John frames up a shot of Sarah in the booth. From left to right in the BG, our sound women Zoe and Chloe. Noble Line Cook (and dead man) Conrad Bergschneider, B Camera first assistant Ben Smith. Our stand-up Stand In Ted Stokes.

B Cam and Steady Cam operator Johnny Colavecchia shooting Sarah kicking through the wall of the diner bathroom. The diner and kitchen were on location, but we built the bathroom set on the stage and made it rain. On the location exterior, Sarah climbs out a false wall and runs off through the fake rain.

Clone scene with the techno dolly in Felix’s loft. Tatiana as Sarah; acting double extraordinaire Kathryn Alexandre as Cosima; Jordan in a terry cloth robe (??? So not Felix). John’s in close with a lens figuring out how to cover the gun coming out of the flowers.

Matt Frewer rehearses Leekie’s Dyad speech. Make sure you didn’t miss our cameo in this scene. Yes, we are dorks and we have a cameo.

Aaron Morton composes beautiful images with John and stand-ins Bailey Corneal and Ted Stokes at the rooftop Dyad party.


5 sweet things to watch on Space this week

by 21. April 2014 13:24

1. Season Finale: Face Off (Tuesday 9e 6p)

Tyler, George and Rashaad have sketched, sculpted, and airbrushed their way to the finale. Tyler's been consistent throughout the season, but almost blew it with his stumpy, mud-coloured vampire a few weeks back. Rashaad scored himself a few Ws in recent weeks, but the judges didn't dig his Asian-inspired werewolf from the last challenge. And while George won Face Off's first-ever two-part challenge, his designs haven't always been the most unique. For the finale, they've each got to create dancing aliens. It's anybody's game.

2. Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge (Tuesday 10e 7p)

After Lex got burned in last week's first solo challenge, it's back to group work for the Creature Shop contestants. For this week's showdown, the creature creators must make an over-the-top beast that moves realistically, which will perform on a backlit soundstage. There's some kind of Lady Gaga-related inspiration in there, too.

3. Orphan Black (Saturday 9e 6p) 

Missed last Saturday's Orphan Black premiere? Click here to watch it online right now. And for those who caught the episode: ho-lee shite, as Sarah would say. Without spoiling anything for those who aren't up to date, let's just say that a) the Proletheans are back (and in one case, back from the dead), b) Rachel is a colder fish than ever, and c) Alison is starring in a musical. Visit the showpage to watch either the season two premiere or all of season one, which is streaming on until April 28. 

4. Series Premiere: The Returned (Saturday 10e 6p)

In this acclaimed French zombie show, which won the 2013 International Emmy for Best Drama Series, the undead aren't flesh-eating monsters—they're normal people who just happen to come back from the grave. More eerie than blood-splattery, The Returned was called "one of the greatest, creepiest, most compelling shows brought to British TV screens in 2013" by The Independent. Here's more info!

5. Salem (Sunday 10e 7p)

In this creepy new series, Salem really was a refuge for witches. They're not the ones getting burned at the stake, however. Mary Sibley (Janet Montgomery), the most powerful witch in town, has devised a plan to turn the Puritans against each other, in the hopes that they'll self-destruct and leave her and her witchy friends alone. There's also a hunk, the long-absent war veteran John Alden (Shane West), who's back in town after a long stint on the front. He and Mary used to have a bit of a thing, obviously.

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Orphan Black season 2 premiere recap: "Nature Under Constraint and Vexed"

by Eleni 20. April 2014 09:00

We may not have encountered any new clones during this week's Orphan Black premiere, but one came back from the dead. That's not until later, though—let's start at the beginning, when Sarah is racing down a rainy street on a frantic hunt for Kira, who disappeared from Mrs. S's home in the closing moments of the season one finale.

Sarah stops at a greasy spoon, where she tries to reach Alison and Cosima. Their phones have been disconnected, but Sarah gets a call from Rachel, who says she can be painlessly reunited with Kira if she surrenders herself. As if she'd ever do that.

Before terms can be negotiated with Rachel, two squeaky-clean dudes walk into the diner asking for free-range eggs. Seriously, these guys look like they belong at a church basement social in backwoods Louisiana rather than a big city. In any case, they're not there for the all-day breakfast—they're there for Sarah. "We've come here to take you to Kira," one of the guys says.

The diner cook pulls a shotgun on the men, and they retaliate by putting a bullet in his head. As he's dying, the cook shoots one cowboy in the stomach, giving Sarah the chance to lock herself in a bathroom. The other dude—let's call him "pretty boy"—chases after her, but Sarah grabs a fire extinguisher and busts a hole through a concrete wall, escaping through a back alley as pretty boy tries to grab her feet. What an opening!

Sarah's next stop is the only logical place you'd go after your daughter gets kidnapped and you witness a shootout: a gay club. Felix is there, wearing ass-less leather pants. After explaining the latest crisis, Sarah gets a call from Paul (who's being closely watched by Daniel), and agrees to meet him alone. She then tosses her phone in a glass of water, since it's probably being tracked. RIP pink Nokia.

Back at Felix's loft, Delphine takes a sample of Cosima's blood to test for respiratory illness. And she also tries to convince Cosima that negotiating a position with the Dyad might not be so awful. Cosima doesn't give an answer, but insists her blood samples not go to Dyad. "I do my own research," she asserts.

Still wearing ass-less leather, Felix goes to Alison's house to borrow a gun. Alison says she knows a hard-working "gun enthusiast" named Ramon who can hook them up with an unregistered pistol. Donnie hears voices, and comes downstairs—looking very "sleepy Dad" in his underpants—to ask what's happening. Alison covers by saying she's rehearsing for her role in a community-theatre musical.

At the Dyad offices, Rachel is having an official-sounding phone call in German (how many languages do you think Rachel speaks? Three? Six? Ten?) when Sarah rings Paul to arrange a meeting. Soon after, Paul waits on an overpass and a skater dude hands him a cellphone. When Sarah calls, Paul delivers a message from Rachel: tomorrow morning, she'll be on a private plane with Kira, and Sarah can be with them or not. He also mentions that Rachel will be at the Dyad event that evening—and warns Sarah that Daniel is coming after her.

But Sarah's already one step ahead of Daniel. When he pulls his SUV into a nearby park, he thinks he sees Sarah. But obviously she wouldn't be so dense as to expose herself to a braindead suit! It's just a decoy Sarah (a skater girl with similar hair), who delivers a message to Rachel's henchman: "Up yours."

The real Sarah, meanwhile, borrows a phone from a kid on the bus (who asks to touch her boob—adorable!) and calls Cosima for a debrief. Cosima is considering going to the Dyad event, Sarah doesn't think she should. Sarah wants a gun, Cosima thinks that's a bad idea. We have to side with Sarah on this one.

In Scarborough, Alison meets Ramon the "gun enthusiast"—actually a barely-past-puberty Econo-mart stock boy—to pick out a weapon. He's got lots of options in his trunk, but she goes for the lady grip. (And passes on the painkillers.)

Back to the sexy geeks. At the loft, Cosima Skypes with Josh (her bucktoothed lab minion), and says she's shipping a new blood sample for analysis. At the same time, Delphine is at the Dyad having a tense meeting with Leekie, who warns her to "be careful playing for the other team." Delphine then gives Cosima's blood to Leekie—directly betraying her lover's wishes. Delphine may have Cosima's best interests at heart, but she seriously needs to get her allegiances straight.

Following Aynsley's unfortunate death-by-garburator (which was Alison's fault, but never mind the particulars), someone needs to fill the role of Sheila in Alison's musical. And who better for the part than Alison herself? She's going to be a shining star!

Art and Angie are outside the theatre, snooping on Alison, when Sarah walks up. She was coming for the gun, but instead gets shoved in the back of the police car and taken to the diner where she was attacked at the start of the episode.

Meanwhile, over at Dyad, Rachel informs Leekie she'll need his office that night to entertain "both" Koreas. And she also tells Paul she's taking him to Taiwan—presumably not for a fun, sexy vacay. Here we get some insight into Rachel's dynamic with Leekie, who seems just as confused about the kidnapping as we are. Leekie may be the Neolutionism poster boy, but Rachel definitively holds the power.

Outside the diner, Sarah confides in Art about Kira's kidnapping while Angie goes inside to scope out the case. However, "the feds" have taken over—or more likely, the Dyads—meaning Angie don't learn much. Reluctantly, Art they Sarah go.

Time for a powwow at the loft. After Ramon shows up to deliver the gun (tastefully wrapped in a bouquet of flowers, courtesy of Alison, who says hello via Skype), Cosima and Sarah brainstorm how to access Rachel during the Dyad event. The tricky part is getting around Daniel—but Sarah says she might know a way to distract him.

Sarah calls Daniel and tells him she'll meet him at 9pm, and will be driving a red minivan. Of course, Sarah is probably allergic to minivans, and is actually sending Daniel after Alison—who immediately squirts him with pepper spray and blasts her rape whistle in his face. Realizing they've got the wrong clone, Daniel lets Alison go.

Guess who makes a cameo at the Dyad event? Orphan Black creators John Fawcett and Graeme Manson (see below)! Bragging rights to whoever else spotted them.

Sarah's also there, pretending to be Cosima. When she gets trapped chatting to Leekie, she uses the opportunity to a) demand that Cosima get her own lab, and b) pickpocket Leekie's swipe card. Delphine is not so easily fooled—after one cold-fish kiss, she realizes "Cosima" is Sarah. And tells her where to find Rachel.

While Leekie makes a rousing (read: total BS) speech about all the magnificent (read: immoral) things the Dyad Institute is doing, Sarah makes her way to the tenth floor. Cold-as-ice Rachel is not surprised to see her, but when Sarah demands her daughter, Rachel explains that the Dyad doesn't actually have Kira—they just said they did to lure Sarah to the premises.

Sarah then pistol-whips Rachel in the face and holds the gun to her head. (Woohoo!) But before the fight can go any further, Paul intervenes. Sarah then also pistol-whips Paul in the face (which, admittedly, he deserves) and he lets her get away. At this point, we can't tell whose side Paul is really on anymore.

Sarah heads to Art's bachelor pad, where he confirms that Rachel didn't take Kira—it was the Proletheans, Helena's people. If you're anything like me, you've all been waiting for this moment since early in season one: when Sarah and Art finally start trusting each other, for real. Art pours Sarah a glass of whiskey, and asks her to tell her story.

Oh, and remember when Sarah killed Helena at the end of last season? Yeah, she didn't. In this episode's biggest holy-shit moment, Helena stumbles into the hospital, bloody but somehow still alive. Seriously, how is she still walking? Divine intervention?!

And following close on her heels is the pretty boy from the diner. Can't say we're happy to see him again.

But while Helena's return was this week's major surprise, the creepiest moment of the episode came at the very end, when we get a quick glimpse of Kira sitting on a hotel bed while an unseen man roughly brushes her hair. Get your hands off Kira, guy!

Questions & Observations:
We loved when Sarah busted a hole through the diner wall. Tatiana Maslany is a not a big person, but she exerts a lot of physical strength on this show. The clones are small but buff.

After handing over Cosima's blood, Delphine tells Leekie, "Congratulations, I'm invested. Which I'm sure is what you wanted." This helps explain why the other known monitors—Donnie and Paul—were also romantic partners to their subjects. Get them emotionally involved, and they'll be more committed to protecting their clones' wellbeing.

We dig Angie and her sourpuss ways. Can she do more fun stuff?

Obviously, a big question is the identity of the people in the photo Amelia gave to Sarah. Is the woman Mrs. S? And what, exactly, is Project LEDA?

We also want to know more about Rachel's backstory and how she got to be so James Bond. What was her childhood like?

Stats of the Week:
Number of bare bums so far this season: 1
Dead bodies so far this season: 2
Top British slang from this episode: "Silly tit"
Top Alisonism this episode: "What the Dickens?"
Number of clones Sarah has impersonated so far: 4 (Beth, Katja, Alison, Cosima)
Number of people Sarah smacks in the face with a gun this episode: 2

Click here to stream the season two premiere!


Clone catch-up: 5 important things we know about Rachel

by Eleni 18. April 2014 09:21

To help ensure that you’re fully caught up on all things Orphan Black before Saturday’s season two premiere at 9e 6p, this week we’re taking a daily look at one of the show’s five main clones: Sarah, Cosima, Alison, Helena, and Rachel.

Without further ado, here are five crucial things we know about Rachel:



1. She's a proclone

Rachel was raised by Neolutionists. And as a result, she's in full support of the DYAD Institute and their shady, no-good practices. Helena calls all the clones "sheep," but Rachel is the only one who can't think for herself.

2. She's fancy

If you thought Beth had nice clothes, wait till you see Rachel. She's a businesslady from the future: silvery power suits, slick haircuts, little regard for human rights. Rachel likes to stand aggressively in front of windows in dimly lit, sparsely decorated high-rise offices, and wear pointy heels while doing it.

3. She's powerful

While it's not exactly clear what Rachel's powers are, she definitely seems to wield a lot of influence over the clones' fates. We spent most of season one hating on Dr. Leekie, but it turns out Rachel actually runs the show. Or at least, she runs the show more than he does. Plus, she's got Daniel, her stern-faced bodyguard/assistant/suit/bully, to help her out.

4. She's a liar

In the Orphan Black season one finale, Rachel tries to coerce Sarah, Alison, and Cosima to sign contracts with the Dyad Institute. Alison would be guaranteed protection for her children, and would no longer be monitored. Sarah would be assured Kira's safety. And Cosima would get a chance to work at Dyad (for tons of dough), studying the clones' biology. It all sounds like a reasonable deal, but there's one problem: Rachel is full of shit. As Cosima and Delphine discover, the Dyad patented the clones' DNA, meaning the company can do whatever the hell they want with its subjects. They're not autonomous humans—they're property.

5. She's mysterious

So we know that Rachel was brought up in Neolutionism, but we don't know much else about her. What, exactly, is her role at the Dyad? What's the personality beneath the icy-CEO veneer? Does she have a tail, a la Olivier? Season two will likely answer some of these questions.

Also be sure to check out InnerSpace all week for daily clone recaps.



Next week on InnerSpace

by Shelby 18. April 2014 09:00

Next week on InnerSpace, we’re off to Anaheim WonderCon, Ajay gets locked away, and Jordan Gavaris is joining us in studio.

Any ’90s kid worth their Pogs knows TMNT was one of the best reasons to get up on Saturday morning. Whether it was the turtle-tastic cartoon, the live-action movie, or the video game (still have nightmares about the electric seaweed), the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles inspires a huge fan following. Monday we’re celebrating our favourite pizza loving reptiles by taking a look at their best moments. Cowabunga!

Killer band We Are Scientists are dropping by the InnerSpace studio on Tuesday to talk about their music and awesome videos. If you haven’t seen their cover of "Take My Breath Away" using action figures to re-enact Top Gun, then you haven’t fully lived.

Are you excited for the return of Orphan Black? We are! To celebrate season two, we’ve got Jordan Gavaris in studio Wednesday to talk about what we can expect from Felix in the new season. I don’t know about you, but I’m hoping for more Felix and Alison.

Convention season is here! Thursday we’ll have all the highlights from WonderCon: everything from Dawn of the Planet of the Apes to Days of Future Past and of course the world premiere of Son of Batman. We’ll also be taking a look into some of the best things coming to the Toronto screen at Hot Docs. And don’t forget to come out and visit us if you’re going to Calgary Expo next week! Holy conventions, Batman!

We’re locking Ajay in a room on Friday. The only difference from the other times we’ve done it is this time we actually want him to escape. You might be familiar with the point and click Escape the Room genre of games, but Toronto has its own real life version. Will Ajay and his friends be able to figure out the clues and escape?

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Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge recap: "Heads Up!"

by Eleni 17. April 2014 17:00

Something very special—and out-of-nowhere—happened on this week's episode of Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge: Donald Faizon pretended to be a wizard. While wearing a full Gandalf beard.

Four episodes in, some frontrunners are starting to emerge. Meanwhile, some people don't even know how to make basic structural elements. 

Creature Brief

Assignment: Create and build a fantasy creature that has been slain and is now mounted on a wizard's wall. (FYI: the wizard is Donald Faizon.) The creature comes back to life to explain how it died and how it feels.

Specifics: Must use hand puppetry and at least one element of mechanization.

Teams: None! This is the first solo challenge.

What they decided to make

Jake: A troll

Ben: An old man/tree

Ivonne: "A predator"—not exactly specific

Russ: A Minotaur

Robert: A hippie camel

Lex: A "chupacabra hellcat thing"

Melissa: The Loch Ness Monster's cousin

Who did decent

Russ and Lex made it to the safe zone.

Who nailed it

Three contestants were deemed standouts. Even though Jake's eyes didn't work and his horns were too bouncy, the judges appreciated his troll's big sloppy mouth and goofy character. Robert's hippie camel party-planner also got a lot of positive feedback: Brian said he exhibited topnotch sculpting, finishing and accessorizing. If there was one critique, it was that the camel's eyes should have been droopier, to indicate that he's a stoner.  

Which means Ben won for the second week in a row. The judges said his asymmetrical tree man "came alive" in front of the camera. Ben's the guy to beat! 

Who blew it

Melissa and Ivonne both struggled this week. Melissa's problem: not knowing what the heck she was doing. (Seriously, has she never made eyes?) She needed a lot of help from the other contestants, and then slapped on a paint job in the final 45 minutes. But somehow, she still edged out Ivonne—a seasoned professional creature maker. After sculpting her head too small to fit her eye mechanism, Ivonne had to completely reimagine her design on day two. And in the end, she presented an incomplete work. Which could have been okay, if the judges were more on board with her backstory—but they weren't. So long, Ivonne.  

Likes & Hates

Likes: Ben and Robert's rivalry; Donald Faizon being weird

Hated: How many people were very disorganized!


Watch the whole episode right here!


Clone catch-up: 5 important things we know about Helena

by Eleni 17. April 2014 16:16

To help ensure that you’re fully caught up on all things Orphan Black before Saturday’s season two premiere at 9e 6p, this week we’re taking a daily look at one of the show’s five main clones: Sarah, Cosima, Alison, Helena, and Rachel.

Without further ado, here are five crucial things we know about Helena:



1. She was lost

Doctor Leekie described Helena as his "white whale." Raised in a convent in Ukraine, she spent most of her life unmonitored by the Neolutionists, who had no idea where she was located. According to Leekie, he's been trying to track down Helena's whereabouts for years.

2. She's pious

Helena is a member of the Proletheans, a group of religious extremists who want to take down the clones. She was initially found by Tomas and Maggie Chen—the latter of whom was killed by Beth—who told her about the other clones. They also told her that she was the original, and that her lookalikes were just fake copies.

3. She's a killer

It was Helena who hunted and killed three other clones from Europe: Janika Zingler, Aryanna Giordano, and Danielle Fournier. And once she got to North America, she put a bullet in Katja Obinger's head, as well. Helena is a trained sniper who's equally vicious at close proximity—in the season one finale, she stabs her birth mother in the stomach. But while she had several chances to kill Sarah, she could never go through with it because she felt they had a connection.

4. She's Sarah's twin

So what, exactly, is the scoop on Helena and Sarah's "connection"? As we learn at the end of season one, they are twins. Amelia, their surrogate birth mother, delivered them both in secret about thirty years ago. Amelia was supposed to be having the babies on behalf of a couple, but after learning they were actually Neolutionist scientists, she fled. Once the children were born, Amelia gave Sarah to the state and Helena to the church.

5. She's dead

Helena may not have been able to kill Sarah, but that didn't stop Sarah from pulling the trigger on Helena. After watching Kira get hit by a car and Amelia bleed to death, Sarah decided enough's enough. Helena had to go.

Also be sure to check out InnerSpace all week for daily clone recaps.



We interviewed Orphan Black's Dylan Bruce

by Neil 17. April 2014 15:12

Just yesterday, we were very lucky to meet up with Dylan Bruce (aka Orphan Black’s stoic stud, Paul) to discuss his role in the series as well as his thoughts going into the hotly anticipated second season—which you obviously know airs this Saturday at 9e 6p.

One of the topics we discussed with the cheery actor (who’s nothing like the brooding badass he portrays on the show) was Paul’s evolution in the upcoming season, and how he’ll try to maintain his rocky relationship with archenemy clones Rachel and Sarah.

Better still, Bruce was able to answer some of your questions, submitted via Twitter. In the spirit of not disclosing too much information, we’ll shut up now so you can watch the clip below. And in case you have no idea who any of these people are (for shame!), the entire first season is currently streaming right here!